Mr. Li 3 million buy I do not lose, the small white dragon said 5 years to return to the capital, 1 year no matter how bad also can draw 600 thousand

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YY anchor Xiao Bailong left Wudi to join Huamoment, many netizens are not optimistic about him, think that Mr. Li spent 3 million yuan to sign xiao Bailong is to buy a “loss of money”.While Mr. Li casually said “3 million yuan bought a fool” during the live broadcast, which was recorded by many YY fans as a joke on xiao Bai Long “meme”.This sentence is not only often mentioned by many YY fans, even some anchors mentioned little white dragon will also ridicule.Little white dragon came to the Moment of the association, little white dragon did not have any outstanding performance, the year also retired in advance, and the frequency of live broadcasting is not high and often stopped broadcasting.For the small white dragon start unstable, in fact, Mr. Li also gave him several “alarm bell”, the current old Li also did not get angry.Xiao Bailong is a famous outdoor anchor in YY. However, in recent years, due to special circumstances, it is difficult to carry out outdoor live broadcasting, which may be one of the reasons why Xiao Bailong does not want to live broadcast.And another reason, xiao Bai Long has a violation of the live broadcast background commission has been frozen, he is competing with YY.But small white dragon with hua moment has signed the “live time” contract, the recent live time is seriously insufficient, so Mr. Li let him not live only three hours a day, have to increase the time.And small white dragon said “how much difference fill how much”, oneself signed a contract with hua moment for 4 years, later fill back to Lao Li.And mention Mr. Li spending 3 million signing their own people said to lose money, small white dragon blunt old Li really do not lose.He explained that there was no need for his own (backstage), perhaps their association in two or three years to Mr. Li signed the fee back.Small white dragon analogy, his own live backstage plus the association to take a cut, not to mention to Mr. Li how much money, the previous year, Mr. Li had to take a cut on his own 600,000 base.The little white Dragon contributes 600,000 yuan a year to Mr Li’s Chinese Moment association, which some fans mocked as a boast.Given the current status of the white Dragon, it seems unlikely that the guild will be able to contribute $600,000 a year to the flow.What’s more, there are too many uncertain factors and changes in the time of 5 years. The small white dragon wants to make Mr. Li not lose in himself. It seems that he needs more efforts.