“Land evaluation line” Donghu comment: Consolidate the foundation of food security, ensure the stable increase of food income

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National spring agricultural production and strengthening winter wheat field management conference was held in Dezhou city, Shandong Province on February 13.Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of The State Council, made important instructions.Preparations for spring ploughing are crucial to ensuring a bumper harvest of grain throughout the year, the directive said.Since ancient times, China has combined the word “ji” on behalf of grain and the word “she” on behalf of soil to refer to the country.Today, food security is also at the forefront of national strategy.Therefore, it is necessary to consolidate the basis of agricultural production, increase agricultural support, improve agricultural science and technology, ensure food security, achieve food income.We will consolidate the foundation of agricultural production and strengthen the protection of arable land.Firmly adhere to the bottom line thinking that farmland must be deserved, guard and manage granaries, prevent “non-grain”.We should make scientific and rational use of cultivated land resources, strengthen the protection and quality improvement of cultivated land, strengthen the development of high-standard farmland and the protection of black land, and constantly improve the quality of cultivated land.We will increase the production of soybeans and oilseeds, focus on the production and supply of vegetable basket products, strengthen field management, and comprehensively prevent and mitigate agricultural disasters.We will strengthen the protection and construction of cultivated land, assign the task of protecting cultivated land to specific plots and responsible persons, accelerate the construction and renovation of cultivated land to increase the average output of cultivated land, and use high-quality new cultivated land to achieve a balance between occupation and replenishment.Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, local governments and departments have jointly carried out special rectification measures such as “greenhouses” and “illegally built villas”, which have acted as a deterrent to some extent.We will ensure that our grain production capacity and sown area will only increase, and that we will keep the rice bowls in our own hands and fill them with Chinese grain.We will increase agricultural support and improve grain production.As a Chinese saying goes, “Food is the most important thing for people to eat, and food security comes first.” Food security is a basic guarantee for national security and a cornerstone for economic and social development.We need to effectively strengthen measures to stabilize and increase food production, ensure that the Party and the government share responsibility for food security, ensure stable agricultural output and increase, and provide strong support for keeping economic and social development stable.This is an important season for spring ploughing and preparing for sowing. We must firmly seize the initiative in spring agricultural production, do our best to manage the field according to the site and the seedling, follow the laws of rural development, seize the time of farming and focus on production, do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests and the response to extreme weather, and strive for a bumper harvest of summer crops.In addition, we should also increase policy support, and the government should increase escort efforts in unblocking supply channels and ensuring supply of agricultural materials.Qingyuan Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau requires all parts of the city to strictly implement the responsibility of “vegetable basket” territorial management, and actively promote the production development of major agricultural products, production and marketing connection, market regulation, quality and safety and other work implementation.We will open a green channel for the supply of agricultural products, realize the rapid and orderly distribution of agricultural products, and reduce worries about preparing for spring sowing.We will improve agricultural science and technology and stabilize the quality of grain production.Technology is the core of grain storage and technology. Agricultural science and technology should be self-reliant and self-reliant, and yield, benefit and competitiveness should be derived from science and technology. Through the improvement of crop varieties, farmland infrastructure and agricultural technology, efforts should be made to improve crop varieties, improve quality, build brands and standardize production, so as to increase grain production and income.We will strengthen support for agricultural science and technology, intensify efforts to revitalize the seed industry, make solid progress in tackling key and core agricultural technologies, and speed up efforts to improve the scientific research system that suits agricultural characteristics.We will actively develop modern facilities for planting and breeding, develop facilities for vegetables and livestock and poultry breeding in light of local conditions, effectively stabilize the area for aquaculture, expand the space for aquaculture, and increase the supply of important non-staple foods.We should vigorously promote agricultural mechanization, strengthen the reconditioning and upgrading of cultivated land, speed up research and development of advanced and suitable agricultural machinery and equipment, and make innovations in varieties and technological models suitable for agricultural machinery operations.During the period of “difference”, the country launched a large-scale irrigation district new expansion project and form a complete set of large and medium-sized irrigated areas and modernization projects, with a total of 10 large irrigation area in hubei province and 35 medium-sized irrigation areas into the relevant national plan, expected during the period of “difference”, more than 8 billion yuan investment provides a stabilizer and YaCangShi grain harvest.The people are the foundation of the nation, and the valley is the life of the people.Food is vital to China’s prosperity and people’s livelihood, and food security is an important foundation for national security.Only by strictly adhering to the red line for cultivated land, strengthening the foundation of agricultural production, increasing support, and improving agricultural science and technology can we further increase grain production capacity, reserve capacity, and distribution capacity, and better ensure food security.Author: Peng Mouxing (Jianghan District, Wuhan)