Don’t hit the south wall don’t look back!The US and Japan carried F-35s to exercise in the Miyako Strait, blocking the PLA’s access to the sea

2022-05-02 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympics are now underway. It is a peaceful event, but for years western countries have been addicted to anti-China activities. Despite the UN truce resolution, they are not at ease unless they rock the boat.It is an established international tradition to stop wars during the Olympic Games. The United States did not take military action this time, but still demonstrated on China’s doorstep through exercises.According to a kyodo news report on February 7, the US Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force held a large-scale joint drill in the Miyako Strait from February 3 to 7.The two countries made a high level of commitment to the drill. The U.S. alone participated in the drill with more than 10,000 troops and dispatched large combat vessels such as the USS America and the USS Essex, as well as F-35B fighter jets.It is worth mentioning that during a recent us-Japan exercise in the South China Sea, an F-35 fighter jet suddenly crashed into the deck and then slid into the South China Sea.At present, the F-35 has not been salvaged, but the United States did not hit the south wall and did not look back, and did not learn from the last lesson, and began to flex its muscles at China’s doorstep.In recent years, the United States and its Allies have conducted more and more military exercises in the waters around China, and no longer hide their intention to put pressure on China under the pretext of counter-terrorism and search and rescue.At the same time, bilateral exercises involving tens of thousands of troops at a time were also rare.At the same time as waging various forms of trade war against China, the United States is increasingly taking military risks, which greatly increases the risk of war in the region.The us and Japan chose the Miyako Strait for their military exercises with a clear intention.First of all, it is the only way for The Chinese aircraft carrier formation to enter the West Pacific. The US and Japan may be practicing blocking the Miyako Strait to block the PLA’s access to the sea.In order to contain the Soviet union, the United States as early as a few decades ago, this article puts forward the idea of three island chain from Japan to the first island chain in the Philippines are currently in the United States control, so as long as the control channel between the islands, to China’s growing aircraft carrier blockade in offshore, make its can’t display fully, and the palace of the ancient channel between the ryukyu islands is one of the most critical waterway.Second, the Miyako Strait is close to The island of Taiwan, and the Ryukyu Islands are home to US military bases.Holding military exercises here will embolden the “Taiwan independence” elements on the island. If there is a real naval and air war between China and the US in the future, the US military, with its convenient geographical location, will have a greater chance of winning.It can be said that due to the backwardness in modern times and the long-term unresolved Taiwan issue, all the waterways around China except the Bohai Strait and Qiongzhou Strait were under the control of the United States. Such geographical conditions really restricted the activities of the Chinese navy.The United States, an old colonial power, was well aware of the importance of these waterways.But it should be noted that the Miyako Strait is frequented not only by the US, but also by the Chinese navy.In recent years, the Chinese navy has basically passed through the Miyako Strait during its ocean-going training in the Western Pacific, and has become more and more familiar with the sea conditions and hydrology here.Moreover, the Chinese navy often visits the Tsushima strait, Soya Strait, Tsukuru Strait and Ohsumi Strait.At present, the Chinese Navy already has two aircraft carrier groups, and the number may more than double in the future. There is no naval force in the world that can suppress all five large aircraft carriers, even the US military.At the same time, China already has three runways of more than 3,000 meters in the heart of the South China Sea through land reclamation in the past few years. In the future, with the deployment of fighter jets such as J-16 and type 075 amphibious assault ship, it will be enough to control the whole South China Sea and in turn, it can choke the United States.Therefore, all geographical locations are not invariable. The strength of The Chinese navy is getting stronger day by day, and it has surpassed the United States in many aspects. When the Chinese navy has enough strength to resist the United States and unify Taiwan, the so-called first island chain will instead become the Great Wall of the sea guarding China’s offshore waters.