A pair of “after 50” Dink in his later years

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“We’ll leave it to you.”In July 2018, my aunt Yu Shan invited me to my home and cooked a table of my favorite Shanghai food, including Sixi baked bran, braised pomfret, wine fragrant grass head, fried shrimp in oil and hairy crab rice cake.In thick oil red sauce, laughter, she so leisurely said a.My little uncle Cheng Kai nodded to one side, just like beating garlic. “We trust you.”I was startled and my chopsticks fell into the bowl.Both of them were born in their fifties. They did not have children at the beginning, but in their sixties they were already thinking about their deaths.That year, we agreed to travel to Europe together with my parents. I went to my home to collect the materials for applying for a travel visa from them. By the way, I told them some things to pay attention to before the trip and also brought some daily necessities to them.They have early actually “deploy”, when young each bought life insurance of a person, die protect the forehead enough to cover their “afterlife” need, each other beneficiary.As I grew older, fearing the worst, they wanted me to be the beneficiary of this insurance.As for wall burial or sea burial, they don’t seem to care.They are most satisfied when they are dead and have run out of money.Before the trip to Europe, Yu Shan was most worried about the family dog, an old dog that had accompanied her and Cheng Kai for several years.Remember their first dog after marriage called Nini, is a white Pomeranian, especially gentle.In the early years when I went to their house to play, Nini would always be around me acting like a spoiled girl.After marriage, Cheng Kai was married to Yu Shan’s house, from the edge of the inner ring moved to the “upper foot”.At that time, I especially love to go to their home to play, because my aunt’s mother is amiable, often give me to peel fresh small walnut to eat, now want to peel small walnut is really laborious and eat how much meat kernel of a thing, but the memory of the old lady peeling small walnut action is so elegant;The house is spacious, and just climbing the stairs upstairs and downstairs makes me extremely happy.After two years of marriage, they decided not to have children or adopt children, and planned to keep Nini all the time.But before long, Nini swallowed a piece of beef choking windpipe, dead.Little aunt sad for a long time, find someone to play a wooden small coffin nini, near the home “thick burial”, she began to eat vegetarian.Nini after the death of these years, they continue to raise duo Duo, Coco and now Lulu.Little aunt nini’s deepest feelings, like her first child, now she went to the temple worship, will also pray for Nini in another nirvana of stability.In her early years, Cheng Kai had an ordinary affection for dogs. As she grew older, she gradually became fond of the dogs in front of her, just like the youngest child in the family.Before leaving for Europe, he stocked up on dog food, new toys for Lulu, and compared reputable pet stores and drop-in spots in the area to “pick the most expensive one.”Yu Shan’s love and care for Lulu is minimal and measured within her means, while Cheng Kai “overreacts” to Lulu every time she acts cojiao.”Dogs are spoiled before they are spoiled.”Hanyu occasionally teased him.For them, having a dog also means leaning out of their tiny cubicle and looking out at the world from time to time.After cheng Kai retired, he walked the dog three times in the morning, at noon and at night with his aunt. They would go west to the Bund, south to the Bund, and also north to look at the lonely Sichuan North Road and Zhapu Road.Sometimes they leave the dog at home, like when they go to a Bossa Nova show at Blue Note or the Jazz bar at the Peace Hotel and order a drink in each of their booths.There’s romance, there’s bickering.Sometimes because aunt more rub a mahjong, less rub a mahjong;Sometimes because my uncle is busy in the financial field, after retirement, he still receives several jobs in different companies, so he does less housework.Sometimes it’s just a matter of feeding Lulu too much and not enough.”Every day you look at me, I look at you, always agitated.”Hanyu would say so.The year the song “Travel Apart” became a hit, they began traveling separately, each with his or her own partner, colleagues and friends, taking turns constantly, always leaving one of them at home to take care of the pet.This distance created harmony in their relationship.When they went to Europe, Yu Shan felt unreal. She had not traveled with Cheng Kai in all these years.Usually, if one of them goes on a trip, they have to compete on wechat to see who has the most steps. Once, Cheng Kai found that Yu Shan had more steps than him at home. Later, he realized that she was the one who made mischief by tying her mobile phone to the dog to count the steps and compete with him.Traveling freely in Europe, we rented b&Bs, and Michelle worked as a buyer and cook, taking care of a few Chinese stomachs.”Have a child, he (refers to Cheng Kai) can mature point, life ability point.”Hanyu is used to doing it all, and she tries to convince herself that’s the way it is.When She came back from Europe, She went to the temple to pay her wish. Before she left, she went to pray for the safety of the people we were traveling with.She is an “only adopted daughter”. The old lady who peeled nuts for me is a young lady of a big family, unmarried and childless all her life. At the age of 40, she adopted the helpless orphan Yu Shan.Foster mother and Feather Shan depend on each other, feather Shan for foster mother retirement.I met this old lady, who spoke slowly, dressed in a rosewood cheongsam and a light beige cardigan, with a pale pearl necklace around the collar and a jade bracelet of suede.When she died, she left Her a two-story house on the north Bund with an outdoor terrace at the top.It is a new lane built by British merchants in 1930. The part along the street has been converted into shops, and the interior is mostly shikumen houses.A few years after her adoptive mother passed away, yu Shan sold several rooms of the old house.She used to gamble all night at the mahjong table and sold two rooms in the old house, leaving only a skylight attic and roof for herself and her husband, my brother-in-law.The attic is hot in summer and cold in winter, and the window air conditioner whistles in hot and cold weather.About 2000, the house sold almost, yu Shan’s “ma you” also mostly emigrated abroad, four lack one become four lack two, the most familiar ma you slowly gather up.Occasionally rub two bureau with the person, feather shan consciously no fun, also not quite go.She found that she had to find some new friends to fill her life. Marriage was not the source of all the fun.I forget which year she started to burn incense. In the last 10 years, she was basically fixed at the temple in Tongxiang, going there many times a year.The people she went with were collectively called “incense burning friends,” all women.They are mostly people from the pre-retirement system, doctors, civil servants and teachers.For example, the doctor has two excellent daughters abroad, but they are all unmarried and sterile, and they are over 40 years old.For example, the teacher has a bad “giant baby” son, all day long at home to chew the old.Hanyu’s troubles seem to pale in comparison to their practical ones, as she has “occasional headaches and a hard time being happy.”She was reassured by an MRI that showed only “senile brain,” the shrinkage of the brain as a result of normal aging.But unable to feel happy, she had no specific diagnosis or treatment.One night in the early years, she saw a message in the pop-up window of Cheng Kai’s mobile phone saying, “Honey, are you asleep?”The news, she did not attack, just ran to the rooftop alone desperately cried a.She suddenly felt that she was helpless after all. Yes, the house was hers, and the money could be hers, but they were cold things.The next day, she pretended not to know and treated men as usual.Until later, Cheng Kai confessed the relationship with her, explaining that there was just a period of time when the idea of a slight slide, all over.”Do you think it’s over?”I asked her.It looks past, but it’s probably in the coffin.”She played it down.On January 23, the rain in Shanghai was moderate and the water on the ground was neither deep nor shallow. “It was a cool winter solstice and a dirty year,” Yu Shan said.On my mother’s side of the family party, which was hosted by several families in turn, it was Cheng Kai’s and Yu Shan’s turn to treat.Yu Shan decided to have a family dinner at Benbang restaurant, a few steps from her home, where braised pork and sauteed vegetables in thick oil and red sauce are made to taste like her childhood.During the dinner, my father talked about his insomnia and seeing a psychiatrist. Uncle and aunt two were surprised to learn that my father had to take a sleeping pill or half a sleeping pill every day, and Hueshan, “familiar with the way things are,” asked, “Are you taking Aptolam?”My dad nodded, like a kid who made a mistake.”It doesn’t matter. It has very few side effects.””At our age, it’s better if we can sleep. It’s too hard to wake up at one o ‘clock and wait for the morning.”She is also a mental department of nature hang a number of people, with her words, see through, want to wear is not all happy.The meal was planned before the winter solstice last year.On the eve of the winter solstice, she, her little uncle, her second uncle, and my mother went to the suburbs to visit the graves of her grandmother and grandfather. When the conversation passed by, Yu Shan could not help holding Cheng Kai’s hand.Unconsciously and unavoidably, as we ate, we began to talk about our old friends — my great uncle and great uncle, who passed away in 2020 and 2021 respectively.As we get older, putting death on the table can seem like a normal way of saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new.Big uncle big year before the demolition of the old house demolition of more than one million yuan, but near the age of 70, still work for children to make money, usually live in the construction site, the night when the toilet suddenly sudden death, was found by the workers in the morning;The big uncle year before last two sets of old house demolition to obtain millions of money, do physical examination occasionally to discover brain have bruise, always cheerful and optimistic he becomes depressed, the conversation revealed that do not want to drag down the family, later in the hospital during the suicide examination.”So if you think of something, do it.We do not know the Ming Dynasty.”Feather bashan said.She went to the Apple store a few days ago to buy iPhone 13 Pro Max for herself. She consulted me before buying, and I told her that she could buy it on an e-commerce platform with a lower price, but the style might not be complete, such as only black or white, or 512 or 128G capacity. Sometimes, she was worried about fake products.I told her THAT I was reluctant to buy a mobile phone as expensive as a computer.”To whom shall we keep our money?Food is enough.”Yu Shan smiled.My mother and my second uncle and his wife agreed with Her at the dinner table, but my mother did not even want to cover the wool quilt that my grandmother gave her as her dowry more than thirty years ago. It is probably rotten. She decided to leave the old quilt to me, and I do not need such a quilt.As for the second uncle, he has earned foreign exchange all his life. After the down payment for buying a house for the second brother, he was almost hollowed out. In these years, he would go on business trips to pick up some odd jobs.The second sister-in-law is pregnant with a baby, the summer is about to be born, the VIP ward, the expenses of the maternity center placed there, the second brother is holding a “death wage” in the system, the second brother’s burden is heavier.A few years ago, my mother promised chengkai to knit a cashmere sweater for my little uncle during the Chinese New Year dinner.After I had kids, my mom was so busy taking care of them that she didn’t have time to knit.”Chengkai and I were not trapped by the children, but by the epidemic…When the kids get older, go to Switzerland and take the wool with them. It’s made in Switzerland.”Hanyu suggested, half in jest, half in earnest.During that trip, I went to Bern, Switzerland with my parents, uncle and wife. We were deeply impressed by Jungfrau and grindelwald, and we have talked about them frequently over the years.But no one can say for sure.There are too many uncertainties. It is not clear when the epidemic will end, and whether people in their 70s will be able to endure more than a dozen hours of flight and travel.But Yu Shan does not want to consider so much, say it, is equal to set out, really accomplished, is to earn the surprise.(Yu Shan and Cheng Kai are pseudonyms) Source: Thepaper.cn