The evolution of the name of the property company may indicate that “cancelling the property” is being carried out quietly

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“PROPERTY Management”, this is an exotic word, is the above Chinese and English “PROPERTY Management” translation.Among them, PROPERTY is translated as “PROPERTY”, which is borrowed from the translation in Hong Kong.Property management, the first British initiative, was later carried forward by the United States, its essence is the follow-up service of real estate development.Then engaged in this kind of professional service enterprises, is the so-called property (management) company.The first real professional property management company in China was founded in 1981, which is generally regarded as the starting point of the development history of property management in China. It has been more than 40 years.Reviewing the development history of the property industry for several decades, with the gradual improvement and deepening of the legislative process, the name of the property company has also experienced several significant changes: first, “Methods” and “Regulations” era, collectively referred to as: property management company.Although the first professional property company was founded in 1981, the real start of the property industry began in the mid-1990s.Among them, the Measures for the Management of New Residential Districts in Cities (decree No.33 of the Former Ministry of Construction), implemented in April 1994, is the first normative document that systematically standardizes the property management system.The measures clearly stipulates that residential communities should gradually implement socialized and professional management modes.By the property management company unified implementation of professional management.This is the main legal basis for why new residential areas should be “managed” by property companies.After nearly ten years of operation of the Measures, the 2003 Version of the Property Management Regulations was officially announced and put into effect, which is an epoch-making landmark first administrative regulation in the history of property development.Article 34 of the Regulations provides that a property management area is managed by a property management enterprise.It should be said that the “methods” and “regulations” era is the “golden age” of property companies, at that time, the community is good “management”, the owners are easy to “management”, the work of property companies is relatively good, even though there are a lot of friction in reality, but do not hear the “cancellation of property” such extreme cry.This is mainly because the word “management” has brought a certain degree of “concept confusion” to all parties concerned, and this kind of influence also continues to this day.Two, “property Law” era, unified modification: property service company.In October 2007, the Property Law was formally implemented, which brought great influence to the original property management system.Article 81 stipulates that the owner may manage the building and its affiliated facilities by himself or entrust a realty service enterprise or other manager to manage the building.This article is regarded as the legal basis of “owner autonomy and self-management”, which marks the possibility of diversified management mode of community;And “other manager” the appearance of a word, broke the property company in the village management alone big situation.In addition, the Regulations have been revised to align with the relevant provisions of the Property Law.In the 2007 Amendment to the Ordinance, a significant change is to change the term “property management enterprise” to “property service enterprise”.This at least in the literal to the original, the property company, is a “service” company, not a “management” company.In the era of The Property Law, there is another major event in the property industry, that is, in March 2018, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a document abolishing the Qualification Management Measures for Property Service Enterprises.This marks the property company’s “qualification management” has become history, property service has become “zero threshold”, thoroughly pushed to the market.In mid and late in the era of the property law, property company day seem less than, owner of one party for the “sovereignty” consciousness seems to suddenly “awakening”, for “public benefits” issue becomes high, the slogan of “change property, owner autonomy” has flourished, “cancel” property has an inner “brew” step by step.In the era of law Code, property companies have been replaced by “property service people”.Turn over the whole code of property management laws, property companies almost no “sense of existence”, in the literal are rare “property service enterprises”, replaced by “property service people” this new noun son.So what is “property service person”?Article 937 of civil Code: Property service contract refers to the contract whereby the property service provider provides the owner with property services such as maintenance and maintenance of buildings and affiliated facilities, environmental sanitation and related order management and maintenance within the property service area, and the owner pays the property fee.Property service personnel include property service enterprises and other managers.The original code is incorporating property company and the “other managers” to “realty service person”, this also means that the code under the age of realty service completely did let go, to be involved in the service can be a property company, also can be other types of companies and organizations, can also is a person, more can be a industry authority and so on and so on.It’s up to the market, it’s up to the paying owners, and the winners are the losers.In the era of legal code, property companies engaged in residential property management in the traditional sense face far more challenges than opportunities.To grab the rice bowl is not only the circle of property peers, it is possible that the original eight pole can not hit the “other industry companies”, also dare to share a fair share.Perhaps those who shout “cancel the property”, their intention is only to “cancel the property fee”, that is another matter.But as a existed for decades of enterprise organization, property company if continue to exist in the present form, deviate from the original intention, it has established long-term hard to reveal its existing significance and value, can not get the support of the overwhelming majority of owners and recognition, and can’t abide by the basic standards of service, so this kind of organization form to be eliminated early, removed and replaced,A blessing, perhaps, for all concerned.