“Brother Wei’s honey trap 25” Lanzhan take the initiative to ask, Wei Ying did not hear

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Preface: This article is written by Mudan Fangzhu. The original article is on the wechat public account – Peony Houhuayuan. You can read the full text there.Welcome to follow.”Blue Zhan, you call not call?”Wei Wuxian looked at him with a smile.Shining bright eyes, like the brightest stars in the sky.Blue’s lips moved, pretending not to care. “Depends on your reward,” he said.”Ha ha ha ha!Reward package you satisfied!”Blue forget machine’s ear suddenly red, calmly way: “What is that?””HMM…I’m not ready yet.In the evening.Today is Friday, I don’t have to go to the evening study, evening for you.”Blue forget the heart of the machine excited, “good.”After class at five o ‘clock, Wei Wuxian rushed out of the classroom.He rode a shared bike to the night market and carefully picked out a pair of gloves, a scarf and a hat, packed them in a delicate packing bag and stuffed them into his schoolbag.It got dark early in winter. It was already dark when Wei Wuxian came out after buying gifts.The lights on the streets are cold.I have no idea of shopping today. I will go back after shopping.Walking along the long street of the night market to the subway station, I suddenly saw a familiar figure not far from the subway entrance.Is the warmth of classmates.She was setting up a stall selling earrings, pendants and other accessories. She had probably just arrived and was putting boxes of things out.There is a shy and weak boy with tender side when assistant.The little boy was dressed very simply, and his face was red with cold.”Soft?Are you here?”Tender warmth heard someone calling her and raised his eyes in surprise: “Wei Wuxian?””I came shopping.No wonder these days you do not top evening self-study, the original is to set stall here!”Wei Wuxian suddenly realized.Unfortunately, he is a boy, can not use earrings jewelry, can not support the classmate’s business.I can’t help feeling chagrined.The tender feeling stalls of other people hit broken, unavoidable some embarrassment, red a while white a while on the face.”I…Idle nothing, put a stall.”Tai ‘an night Market is famous all over the city. Many students and bao Ma set up stalls in their spare time in order to earn pocket money.Wei Wuxian has seen his classmates set up stalls of used books and stationery, but has never seen warmth to set up stalls.Warmth is a temperament cold but very xian shu girl, night market fireworks and her fairy incompatible.Wei Did not envy suddenly remembered, as if today someone in class said, the tender family is not rich, mother is not alive, father was injured a few days ago on the construction site, legs can not move.All of a sudden, he was fighting for “Mama’s not here.”It’s like a knife cut somewhere in the heart.As it happens, he has money.His mother is dead, but he has a father in high office, and he is not short of money.A roll of the eye, a plan on my mind.”Warmth, how much are these ornaments?One of my housemaid asked me to buy her some earrings.””How can you be a boy?””See my opposite sex predestined relationship good, think I have taste bai.”Wei Wuxian grinned.Next to the shy boy took out several pairs of particularly beautiful earrings, “eight yuan a pair.””So cheap?”Wei Wuxian’s eyes wheeled.Braving the cold wind to set up a stall, but also sell so cheap, warmth can make how much money ah?”Things are cheap at night markets.””That good, you here of earring jewelry I all want.””That many?””Warmth wondered.”Yeah.Your earrings and pendants are very nice. I bought them all and made her wear them every day.It’s so cheap.”Wei Wuxian never blinked when she told lies, as if she were telling the truth.Little boy excited way: “total total 600 pieces.””As it happens, my cousin just gave me $600.”Wei no envy smile ground tao appear.Kim, pass it to the boy.The little boy was about to stretch out his hand to pick up, but the warmth stopped, “Ning, don’t.”Looking up to Wei Wuxian, he said, “Wei Wuxian, are you intentional?”She had more sense than the boy and knew there was something fishy about this big deal.”Warmth, it’s true.Do not believe me to take the wechat chat record to show you, she really want to buy!It just so happens you’re selling them well.Take it and stop talking about it!I have work to do.”Wei Wuxian thrust the money into Wen Ning’s hand.”Sister…”Wen Ning glanced at Warmth, then wei Wuxian, and nervously took the money over.Wei Wuxian looked at the thin timid little boy and felt sorry for him. Without thinking, she put all the hats, gloves and scarves she had bought for LAN Xiuji on his body.”It’s cold. I’ll take you.”Holding a pile of earrings pendant, humming a ditty back to the Blue villa.On the way back, he had thought it over.Give these things to Jiang Cheng, entrust him to give jewelry to Jiang Disgust.Then he remembered that Blue Cham’s gift had been given away!He patted his head regretfully and opened the trinket box. There was nothing suitable for a boy.He sighed.Just ask him what he wants, and I’ll get it.Come to blue forget machine’s room.Blue forgot the machine sitting in front of the window to practice the piano.Two rabbits munched cabbage leaves quietly at his feet, and Wei’s fat cat strode gracefully over the railing.Wei Wuxian opened the door and came in with a wicked smile on his face.As soon as the rabbit saw Wei Wuxian, it immediately put down the cabbage leaves and carrots, fluttered its short legs and jumped to Wei Wuxian’s side.Animals formed their own camp, Wei Wuxian cat with blue forget machine more close, blue forget machine rabbit with Wei Wuxian more close, are a group of pickpockets.”Blue Cham.””Huh?”Blue forget machine to stop playing the piano hand, light eyes a blink not to blink at him.Wei Wuxian bent down and lay on the guqin with one hand. The tip of her nose was only two centimeters away from that of The blue Forgeji.You can clearly see the fine hairs on his crystal clear skin.Wei Wuxian picked up LAN’s chin and blinked. “Call Brother Wei.”Blue forget the machine to cooperate to raise a head, the pupil of light color looks strange to hold person below soft light lamplight.”Where are the gifts?””I actually bought the gift, but I met my classmate on the way and gave it away.So I’ll make you a promise. Whatever you want, I’ll give you.”Wei Wuxian told the truth.Blue forget the machine angrily away his hand, do not face.I just want you to have a wen, why do I have to say it myself?”Lanzhan, you don’t get angry!Come on, what do you want?I’ll buy it for you tomorrow!”Wei Wuxian didn’t understand why and shook him by the shoulder, thinking he was angry at her for giving away the gift.A long time, blue forget machine just way: “qin ME.””What?”Wei Wuxian did not hear him clearly.Peony has words: to read the full text of the wechat public number – Peony Back Garden.The story is original and declined to be reproduced.