Tajikistan has a way out of the crisis

2022-04-30 0 By

The Tajik government has set up an inter-ministerial command to prevent potential risks to the national economy in response to the military conflict in Ukraine and western sanctions against Russia, tajikistan’s main trading partner, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade told Asia Express.So what does the government intend to do in this case?According to a tower of economic development and trade recently, 26 February 2022 solstice during March 4, headquarters held more than five times meeting, ministries, domestic producers, importers association, grain and oil products importers of necessaries of life, the private sector, such as sent representatives to attend, the meeting to discuss and formulate a plan of action.What does the plan include?Ensure the supply of daily necessities in the consumer market, including flour, oil, meat, sugar, eggs and vegetables, and increase their production and storage.The plan should prevent unreasonable increases in prices.We will provide assistance to vulnerable groups, migrant workers and entrepreneurs to ensure that the country’s social obligations are fulfilled in a timely manner.The plan calls for preventing potential risks in the banking system, easing currency exchange pressure and providing low-interest loans to productive entrepreneurs.Improve the investment climate, delay non-tax audits and attract more financial aid.Meanwhile, during the meeting, international financial institutions expressed their willingness to provide financial assistance to prevent potential risks from affecting various sectors of the national economy.Assess on a regular basis various situations in which external factors may affect the tajik economy and take appropriate measures to prevent and reduce their impact on the national economy and ensure the sustainable development of the macro economy.The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade did not say what specific measures it would take to achieve the targets.The ministry also noted that the country has built up the necessary grain reserves thanks to the efforts of farmers and domestic production.In 2021 alone, agricultural and industrial products worth about 80 billion somonis were produced.This includes: 828,000 tons of flour;Wheat 876,000 tons;415,000 tons of bread and baked goods;Beef 284,000 tons;44,100 tons of poultry meat;40,400 tons of fish;Vegetable oil 23,500 tons;65 million cans of canned fruits and vegetables;Milk 1.043 million tons;1.054 billion eggs;32,400 tons of pastries;9,500 tons of pasta;Potatoes 1.041 million tons;18,000 tons of rice;Vegetables 2.6 million tons;712,000 tons of fruit;40,000 tons of honey;In 2021, exports exceeding domestic demand for fruit and vegetable products amounted to 208,000 tons.Therefore, domestic resources and production capacity can meet the consumer market’s demand for daily necessities, including rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs and milk.At the same time, imports of wheat, oilseeds, sugar and petroleum products for domestic production of certain products continue to proceed smoothly under existing agreements with trading partners.The ministry also noted that the country has the resources and capacity to guarantee foreign exchange transactions for food and drug importers.The Government constantly monitors the prevention of potential risks affecting the national economy, ensures adequate supply of essential goods in the consumer market, provides assistance to vulnerable groups and the private sector, and creates favourable conditions for the increase of industrial and agricultural production and the implementation of the above-mentioned programmes.Zhou Jie