Louxing District held the 2022 Work safety retreat Meeting

2022-04-30 0 By

On February 11, Liu Zhigang, deputy secretary of the District Committee, Head of the District and Director of the District Safety Committee, presided over the 2022 Work safety conference of Louxing District, analyzing and judging the current work safety situation, focusing on key points, making up for weak points, strong and weak points, solid advantages, and scientifically planning the work of work safety throughout the year.Liu Chihui, Xu Diren, Luo Wenwei, Wang Qian, Gao Ying, Tang Aihua, Zhou Junhua, Xiao Minhai, Party jianguo and other leaders attended.At the meeting, participants focused on studying the investigation report of the “7·20” heavy rain disaster in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and analyzed the problems and lessons exposed in the disposal of the accident combined with the actual situation of Louxing.The directors of the special security Commission, the leading units of the special security Commission, the heads of towns and subdistricts and relevant departments exchanged speeches on the objectives, tasks, ideas and measures for 2022.Liu Zhigang pointed out that safety can be produced, production must be safe.To tree on “people first, life is supreme” the concept of safety development, put an end to paralysis and blindness blind Angle, to create the entire province safety in production demonstration as an opportunity to really improve the nature of the safety production level and ability to pay special attention to the safety production level, to month by month, quarter, with JiBao years, determined to build a security line, keep good security line.Liu Zhigang stressed, to highlight the “in place” to grasp the shoulder responsibility, pressing the party and government leadership, department supervision, territorial management and enterprise responsibility, with a stronger sense of urgency to speed up the improvement of safety production long-term supervision mechanism, with a stronger sense of responsibility to resolutely put an end to the larger and above accidents.We should focus on special rectification, make every effort to consolidate the results of the three-year campaign of special rectification of work safety, vigorously promote the campaign of “cracking down on illegal activities and preventing violations”, continue to carry out the campaign of “strengthening law enforcement and preventing accidents” and special rectification during major festivals and meetings.We need to focus on the “quality” of problems and rectify them. We need to do a good job of the problems assigned by the mayor, the self-inspection of industries and the investigation and rectification of major risks and hidden dangers in the jurisdiction. We need to strictly implement the “three principles” and improve the quality and standards of rectification.We should focus on professional capacity building, effectively improve our capacity for disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency preparedness, supervision and law enforcement, source control, monitoring and early warning, and scientific and technological support, and make every effort to optimize the emergency management system.The “power list” of law enforcement will be clarified, the emergency response capacity and standardization of grassroots stations and stations will be promoted, and professional training and publicity and education will be promoted to further consolidate the security foundation at the grassroots level.(Li Yi) Editor in Chief: Wen Zhibin audit: Huang Miao Zeng Zhenhua Editor: Xiao Hui Source: Louxing Rong Media Center