Longhui Tap water works hard on New Year’s Eve to ensure water supply for the Spring Festival

2022-04-30 0 By

Rednet moment February 2 – (correspondent Wen Hanxiong Yang Enmin) January 31 evening, New Year’s Eve.When thousands of families are immersed in the festive and auspicious festive atmosphere, there is such a group of water supply people in longhui County water company, they “give up their homes, care for everyone” always stick to the front-line posts in water supply, to ensure the safety and stability of the Spring Festival water supply, spent a memorable New Year’s Eve.At 8 PM, the company has received some higher ground users reflect the phenomenon of insufficient water pressure, the duty manager attaches great importance to the night, immediately start the emergency plan of water supply, and the entire command scheduling, arrange maintenance technology business the backbone of more than 10 rushed to the scene view, taller to remote areas and village of pipe network and gate valves for a comprehensive leak the overhaul and emptying exhaust,And arrange special personnel in the water supply booster pump room on duty, until 11 o ‘clock in the evening, all pipe network and found leakage point inspection and repair in place, timely and effectively solve the problem of insufficient water pressure of users.According to understand, because the Chinese New Year is in the low temperature sleet freezing weather, the company fully assessed before the Spring Festival are analyzed such as the low temperature sleet freezing weather may have adverse factors to the field of water supply, and according to the actual water supply company detailed the water supply emergency plan, set up the emergency emergency crew, reserve enough emergency repair supplies and accessories.At the same time, the office, water plant, maintenance, township management and other important departments and units to implement a 24-hour duty system, scientific scheduling of urban and rural water supply pipe network volume, closely track the changes in water quality testing, to ensure that users reflect the water supply problems are timely standardized, fast and satisfactory treatment.