Jiaoguang night listen | wise man, three questions, four do not argue

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Listen to the voice of the night Anchor: Elegant Click on the audio below for more highlights and details. One day, we will not ask questions or argue.Only ask, can undoubtedly;Only by not fighting, can we be free from worry.Wang Yangming: “What’s the use of thinking about the past and the future?Don’t worry.”What’s the point of not letting go of things that have already passed?Wang Yangming: “people have to hone in things, do kung fu, is beneficial.”Thinking too much is often the result of not doing enough.Things should always be done, to see the final result.In this life, life is the first, death is the end, the middle is all the process.Live your life as best you can, focusing only on the process, not the end.Don’t ask people Wang Yangming: “people, then mixed in people and dangerous, false end.”Be good to those who are good to you;People who snub you, do not have to ask why.Wang Yangming: “No matter whether people laugh or not, no matter whether people slander, no matter whether people honor or disgrace, all foreign affairs can not move, for a long time naturally have effective.”The Chinese care most about the “three bowls of noodles” : human face, emotion and scene.The less confident a man is, the more he wants face.Live too tired, but also because can not put face.Wang Yangming: “When human words are happy, they can completely endure silence, when the spirit is to carry forward, weng Ran can be restrained, when the anger and lust is to win the boiling point, the outline ran can digest, this is not the world’s great courage can not also.”Keep a tolerant heart, if you don’t fight, the world can’t fight.Wang Yangming was suppressed and excluded in court.But none of this is a problem for him.He who does not fight is more blessed than he who can and can fight.Wang Yangming: “Name is relative to reality.Pragmatic heart is heavy, the heart of fame is light.If all are pragmatic heart, there is no heart for fame.What makes you better is what makes you miserable.The greatest self-discipline is to change yourself and conquer yourself.Listen to the busy day you here to wash away tired good dream sleep