In 2021, langfang’s balance deposit and loan ratio ranks first in the province

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On February 23, a reporter from the financial situation analysis in langfang city in 2021 press conference, overall improve financial operation in langfang city in 2021, the main indicators are mention quality, and the efficiency of capital operation, continue to optimize the credit structure, institutional investor pull function on the deposit and lending growth more prominence, financial support for small, weak sectors such as agriculture strength significantly increased,Financial transfusion and boost to the city’s economy has always maintained a good momentum.Deposit growth was steady and loan growth was steady.In 2021, the city’s deposit balance is 758.94 billion yuan, an increase of 50.69 billion yuan from the beginning of the year, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%.The total amount of loans in the city reached 784.64 billion yuan, an increase of 50.19 billion yuan compared with the beginning of the year. The balance deposit-loan ratio was 103.4%, ranking the first in the province, 27 percentage points higher than the average level of the province.Deposit and loan growth is more optimized across regions.In terms of deposits, the annual deposit growth rate of the three northern and southern counties was more than 20%, and the difference between the deposit growth rate and that of central cities was further narrowed. The deposit structure of each district and county was more balanced.In terms of loans, the growth rate was concentrated in the central cities and the three southern counties, accounting for 86.9% of the total increase in loans. Credit supply in central and southern China was strengthened.Precise drip irrigation of flowing credit has given an all-round boost to the real economy.Corporate loans grew rapidly, with both large and micro enterprises increasing by over 35%.In particular, operational credit loans for individual businesses and small and micro business owners doubled year-on-year, and the capacity of financial services to provide blood continued to increase.Loans for agriculture and rural areas grew steadily and rapidly.The balance of agriculture-related loans reached 245.4 billion yuan, up 4.2% year on year.In addition, the municipal local financial supervision and administration increased support for key areas and weak links.In 2021, the city issued a total of 2.36 billion yuan of small reloans for agricultural support, and handled a rediscount of 3.73 billion yuan.Local legal person financial institutions in Langfang have extended loans totaling 8.76 billion yuan for 1817 inclusive small and micro enterprises, and issued inclusive small and micro credit loans totaling 8.15 billion yuan, and the amount of inclusive small and micro credit loans accounted for 29.4%.Throughout the year, 20 local legal person banks in The city were provided with a total of 50 million yuan of incentive funds, resulting in a total of 5.19 billion yuan of deferred loan repayment and interest payment for small and micro enterprises of PrATT & Whitney.480 million yuan of credit loan support program funds were issued to qualified financial institutions, and 1.20 billion yuan of credit loans were issued to inclusive small and micro enterprises, benefiting 28,000 enterprises in total, effectively alleviating the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises and strongly supporting the economic and social development of the city.We will make solid progress in connecting banks with enterprises and continue to expand the coverage of financing support.Four bank-enterprise matchmaking meetings were held in the city and 50 bank-enterprise matchmaking meetings were held in each county (city and district). 150,900 enterprises were visited by banking financial institutions, and 3,096 enterprises were granted credit with a total amount of 61.598 billion yuan, and loans of 42.898 billion yuan were granted to 2,662 enterprises.We will continue to carry out accurate recommendation for enterprise customers and help enterprises in key areas to break through the “first loan” problem.By the end of 2021, it had accumulated loans of 1.43 billion yuan for 46 foreign trade enterprises with financing needs.Focus on the key areas of Langfang city, give full play to the role of financial support.Guide banking financial institutions to support the construction of airport economic zone and promote the benign interaction between economy and finance.Linkong Management Committee and Linkong Group have signed strategic cooperation agreements with 8 banks respectively, and won the support of 50 billion yuan of credit funds from China Development Bank and 20.57 billion yuan of comprehensive credit from 13 banks in the region.We gave full play to the overall role of financial support in consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation achievements and effectively linking them with rural revitalization. In 2021, 39 households in The city received 805,000 yuan in small-amount loans for poverty alleviation.In 2022, Langfang’s financial work will focus on four aspects: optimizing the financial environment, guiding the sustainable and healthy development of the real estate industry, accurately docking entities, and vigorously supporting the development of key areas. Multiple measures will be taken simultaneously and multiple points will be made to make financial contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the city’s economy.(Reporter Miao Yueping) Source: Langfang Metropolis Daily pays attention to Hebei News Network for the latest news in Hebei.