Young song line: dark river out, bleak into crisis, Sakong qianluo timely sugar rescue!

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As bleak resurfaced, used to describe also surfaced, bleak worship into the snow around, the four guardian has token to the next generation, and Ye Re depend on this one thing, the same choose sides and bleak, so she is active to tang door, let tang flow to make a decision, although tang door has been poached white king,However, the mission of guarding apocalypse four was not abandoned, so he finally gave this task to his disciple Tang Lian.Anhe although bleak martial arts all waste, but leaf if depend on from beginning to end believe, only he such a person, just deserve to ascend the throne, this is not just the father’s charge, it is her own choice.Tang Lian by heart and move, is obviously standing in the bleak side, and tang door elder, laissez faire Tang Lian and Ye Ruoyi leave, here have to say ginger or old hot, is to let Tang Lian on the surface of their own choice, in fact, for the snow moon city left a way back, elder that, “disappointed?Who knows “actually also showed that he still did not look down upon xiao Chu River.And bleak and others in qingcheng after the meeting, but also immediately went to the Lei, but white king and anhe collusion, so this way is doomed to peace.The reason why the dark river can stand for a hundred years is because they hide in the dark, no trace is the most frightening place of the dark river.Step by step killing all said anhehe not into the list of killers, a list of killers, there will not be other people’s name, this sentence is enough to show their strong, but the Su Chang from the Su home, or too arrogant some, up on the newspaper his name, also think that they will be able to take the other side.Xiao Se now only light, so in order to let Lei Wujie can concentrate on dealing with each other, he is the initiative to escape, away from the other two, as a person who has seen the wind and waves, Xiao Se even escape, also do not break elegant, but even with the world’s strongest light, will eventually lose to physical strength.Xiao Se originally wanted to delay time, let Lei Wujie kill each other and then help themselves, the results of the Su Changli is more difficult than imagined.No martial arts, he can only scare each other, in the other side that he was played, bleak and then use tang door concealed weapon, this move is a surprise, but because the timing is not enough, so unable to kill each other.And in the bleak is about to be explained, Sakong Qianluo debut, gun fairy daughter, it can be said to be extremely heroic, threatened to chase her bleak, is also openly hair sugar.The couple exchanged some pretty cute words when they met.And common thousand fall against, and two killer didn’t actually have the upper hand, really rise to break the deadlock, also is bleak to customary thousand fall pike, let Xie Jia thought the two brothers to kill yourself, first animation here less a comparison with lines, that is “yan” three-step tang door, step, will be destroyed within the lines is one step, tang door of a concealed weapon,Then the person who was assassinated would only be able to see the king of hell.Xie jia two brothers distance from the bleak too close, blade flying very intensive, so even if it is not good martial arts, also doomed to cool cool.Siong Qianluo was far away from her, and with her martial arts skills, it was no surprise that she could resist her. Siong qianluo just wanted to express her dissatisfaction that She did not care about her.Are you looking forward to the follow-up?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section