Why do many properties object to installing pre-filters?I found out today, it’s really dangerous!

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Why do many properties object to installing pre-filters?I found out today, it’s really dangerous!Now many friends will pay special attention to the health of drinking water, especially we use tap water every day, plus some high-rise housing, tap water needs to be pressurized twice, many friends are worried about the water contains some harmful substances, drinking for a long time will harm their health and family.Especially for some areas with poor water quality, the safety of drinking water at home becomes very important, so many friends will choose to buy and use water purifiers for the safety of themselves and their families, and there are many different types of water purifiers on the market now.Prefilter is now a common water purifier on the market, because it is relatively simple to install and affordable compared to other water purifiers, so it has become the first choice of many friends, but now many properties are opposed to the installation of prefilter, this is why?It was only discovered today that prefilters are also dangerous!What is a prefilter?To put it simply, the pre-filter is the first coarse filter equipment for the whole house water, which can help us filter out the rust, dust and other large particles of impurities contained in the tap water, and can play a certain purification role.In general, the pre-filter is installed at the front of the water pipe in the home, that is, in front of the water meter and the main gate, so that the tap water can be filtered clean into the room. It is also because of its installation method, so it is called the pre-filter.What are the benefits of prefilters?Prefilter as a kind of water purifier can be sold in the market for so many years, but also has certain benefits. First of all, one of the biggest advantages of prefilter is that the price is very affordable, especially compared with other water purifiers, the prefilter has a very obvious advantage in price.In addition, compared with other water purifiers, the loss of the pre-filter is also less. If we buy the pre-filter of good quality of big brands, it is not a problem to use it for more than 10 years, and there is seldom the need for maintenance in daily life.In addition, for some areas with poor water quality, tap water contains a lot of impurities, especially some large particles of impurities, after the installation of the pre-filter, you can help us remove the sediment and other large particles contained in tap water, so that the whole water quality becomes more high-quality.After the installation of the pre-filter, not only our drinking water will become safer, but also can reduce the loss of other water appliances in other homes. If there are a lot of impurities in the tap water in our home, it will also cause certain loss to the washing machine, water heater and other water appliances.Not only will our drinking water be safer, but there will also be fewer impurities in the water that flows into our appliances, which will extend the life of those appliances to some extent.Why does the property object to installing pre-filters?Since the pre-filter for our life has a lot of benefits, so why now a lot of properties will oppose you to install pre-filter?I did not understand this behavior of the property management before, but today I found that the pre-filter also has certain security risks.First of all, if we choose to install the pre-filter in the pipe well, it will occupy part of the public space, which may affect the normal water use of other families. Therefore, the property management can forbid us to install the pre-filter.In addition, if the pre-filter is installed in the pipe well, the phenomenon of pipe explosion is likely to occur in the process of use if there is a problem, which will lead to water leakage in the whole floor, affecting the normal water consumption of other families in the whole building, and will have a certain impact on the elevator and other public equipment.Therefore, it can be said that the installation of pre-filter in the pipe well increases the risk of property management, and will also have a certain impact on the other neighbors of the whole building. In this respect, the property can forbid us to install it.Where can the pre-filter be installed?Since we can’t install prefilters in pipe Wells, where can we install prefilters in everyday life?We can choose to install a pre-filter under the kitchen sink to filter the kitchen water.But this can only play a filtering role on the water in the kitchen, the water in other pipes in the home can not be filtered. In the bathroom or other water space at home, you can choose to install other water purifiers.To sum up, there is a reason why the property prohibits us from installing pre-filters. We should also consider clearly before choosing and installing pre-filters, and be sure to use pre-filters in the case of safety.{industry peak environmental protection decoration, ten years of quality guarantee, so that owners have no worries!}# Breathing home #