What are the “not hot” college majors?Students are in the dark and need to know in advance

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Now every year graduates want to find a job, will listen to the parents’ opinions, but because of the rapid development of society, if the parents give advice does not conform to the current development trend, children will face a lot of disadvantages in choosing a job.For example, when the college entrance examination after the end of the students which major in selecting examination, there will be some parents or relatives and friends try to experience their own ideas or teach children, hope children can in their idea for reference, just sometimes although parents is good for the children, but their Suggestions for children after learning or life has no positive role,Their ideas are also relatively limited.What are the “not hot” college majors?Students in the dark don’t know, need to know in advance 1. Biochemistry class professional to don’t want to old people, for the construction of the motherland best professional than those who understand technology, so they put the good wishes on children, hope children can study related, but we also want to see these professional learning is difficult,Especially some people study subjects will be used in high numbers or some more difficult to understand science, if science is not very good at it, let alone learn, even understand is a problem, can pass the exam is also a problem.And during the undergraduate learning this major, it is already difficult to, what’s more, when looking for a job, the interviewer for the interview with education will have very high request, if you have own laboratory and some company or some colleges and universities want to enter the relevant professional talents, will consider school graduate student or graduate student, so the light to read undergraduate course,Still not qualified.Finance is a very popular major in the eyes of the previous generation. In their eyes, finance is a decent job. However, if students enter the finance industry when looking for a job, they can still see many hidden rules.Ordinary undergraduates who want to enter some top investment companies or other financial companies will end up working as salespeople or transferring to other industries unless the company values their ability in a certain field.Originally, the financial industry is very attention to interview this degree, especially in the entire financial industry ranks the top companies, will be more inclined to admit students from some famous universities in China.3. Language major In the eyes of the previous generation, if it is a language major, it is equivalent to translation, and because they do not have too much contact with foreign things, but the language major is relatively strict requirements, which is also a problem they ignore.For example, the student of English major, they say to want to take an examination of the certificate of major 8 level, but this certificate is difficult to take an examination of.In addition, about the practical application of language ability is also very important, either a language or not, if you want to go to more advanced aspects for further study, I need to have a further understanding, memorizing words is not just that simple, but also go deep into the language environment, in the process of translation is also need to make sure that the meaning of the translation won’t appear any mistakes.If you don’t know a lot, the translation is not as accurate as other people’s foreign translation, so it is very difficult to develop in this industry.4. It seems that the older generation of architecture majors all like decent jobs, so they also prefer to work in state-owned enterprises.Generally speaking, the construction industry should have very rich practical experience, because of the textual research book, the need to have a degree or working age to meet the requirements to be able to enter for an examination, or not eligible to enter for an examination.It is also very difficult to study architecture courses in university, and it is necessary to master all aspects, so as to have some advantages when looking for a job.Some of the majors mentioned above are not very popular, but because students listen to what the older generation says, they choose them blindly.When choosing a major, students should consider their own situation, rather than blindly choose a popular major.Originally because it is popular, there are also a lot of people to register for the examination, so that their chances are undoubtedly decreased a lot, if the results are not very high, choose the popular major is also very risky.Because of interest, so it will not be hard to learn, but also get twice the result with half the effort, otherwise even graduation becomes a problem, not to mention the future.The author’s message: we should also look at the suggestions of the previous generation with an objective attitude.Although their experience is much richer than ours, but now is different from the past, what is good for them may not be a good choice for us.This is not to say that we can’t follow the advice of the previous generation. It’s ok to use it as a reference, but because life is our own, we have to find a place in it that can be used for us. Other bad advice should be removed.Let your life be in your own hands, not someone else’s, so you can take responsibility for yourself.: What majors do you think are worth choosing right now?