Top 5 in playoff + regular season points?Jordan is only fifth, no wonder Kobe is high in history

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Who are the top 5 in regular season and playoff points?Fifth most terrorist, it is no wonder that Bryant is history in the past ten in the lakers’ game against the warriors of James scored 26 points, so he came at a total score of the regular season and playoffs beyond kareem abdul-jabbar history always scoring 44157 points, and at the time of the early season before the Treasury is also beyond the ray Allen became history + regular season playoff three-pointers hit number first,It didn’t take long for Curry to pass Ray Allen for the all-time 3-point lead, and lebron James is 1, 861 points shy of Kareem abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 points, which he could surpass next season.Who are the top 5 in regular season and playoff points?Lebron’s career total of 7630 points in the postseason is the highest in postseason history in 266 career playoff games. That’s one of the main reasons he’s the all-time leading scorer in the regular season and postseason.What kind of numbers did they put up?Without further ado, let’s take a look.Fifth Jordan Jordan right is better than the old rascal, he is only in the fifth place, Jordan total score 32292 points, the regular season playoff amounted to 5987 points, scored a total of 38279 points, also seems not many, but Jordan’s appearances and careers have too much less than the old jg, his regular season playoff + score as high as 30.5,He averaged 33.4 points in the playoffs and 30.1 in the regular season, playing 1,251 games in the postseason and regular season combined.For comparison, Lebron played 1350 games in the regular season and 266 games in the playoffs for a total of 1616 games. He averaged 27.3 points per game, which is good, but if Jordan played the same number of games as Lebron, then Jordan would score 49,288 points, 5000+ more than Lebron.See the old rascal’s dominance in scoring?But then again, not having such a long career is a fate. Jordan is great enough, but we also have to recognize James in his horrible prime.Fourth kobe Bryant has long been considered a historical position artificially high, because he has three of five champions league crown is based on the status of two, and life is only a regular season MVP, the flow of a magician, Michael Jordan, James can’t than, but either in the press or stars, kobe Bryant is always able to enter the top ten history, is this why?Perhaps a look at the all-time scoring charts shows where the problem lies.Kobe Bryant has the fourth high score history + regular season playoff player he combined scored 39283 points, the regular season total played 1346 games, played a total of 220 playoff games, averaging can be scored 25.1 points, while the averaged than Jordan and James, but don’t forget to Bryant early or substitute, later after the big injury after peak is not affected him,In his prime, Bryant scored 27 points per game, similar to James and Durant, and led his team to two championships, which explains his high status in history.Third, Malone Karl Malone, like James, is a famous evergreen player in history. Malone scored 36,928 points in the regular season, 4761 points in the playoffs, and a total of 41,689 points, 193 games in the playoffs, 1476 games in the regular season, and a total of 1,669 games. Yes, he played more games than James, averaging 24.9 points per game.In Malone’s era, most stars averaged fewer points per game in the playoffs than in the regular season.Malone averaged 25 points in the regular season and 24.7 points in the playoffs, shooting from 51.6 percent to 46 percent. Maybe it’s a better indication of just how perky the rascal is. It’s even stronger and steadier in the playoffs, but Malone’s performance is commendable.Malone is probably the greatest non-champion ever.Kareem abdul-Jabbar is the second player surpassed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is the only player in history to match Jordan and James. Kareem’s career total is 44,149 points, 38,387 in the regular season, 5762 in the playoffs, 24.6 in the regular season and 24.3 in the playoffs.Kareem’s points per game doesn’t look great either, but remember he played until he was 41 years old. I’m not sure he’ll be able to play like Kareem at 41.Kareem abdul-Jabbar is an icon of the flow of skill in history. He developed the skyhook when players like Bill Russell and Wilt chamberlain before him played with talent and athleticism, and he kept himself at the top for so many years because he didn’t spend too much on his body.That’s why shooters have held their value so well throughout NBA history, they barely use their bodies, and it’s probably a reflection of how perverted lebron’s physical talents are that he’s 37 years old and can pull and dunk!Speaking of which, what do you have to say about the top five all-time scorers?Welcome to comment.