They secured a security window to a fire waiting for backup and rescued three people

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At 23:38 on February 15, guangzhou 119 Command Center received a report that a house was on fire at 113 Taisha Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. After receiving the alarm, the command center quickly dispatched the nearby fire station of Haizhu District to the scene.After the fire arrived at the scene, after learning that the scene is a residential building 406 room on fire, there are people trapped, the situation is very critical.After know the situation, the commander immediately organize fire fighting group along the stairs stretch to the fire fighting and rescue, fire layer conduct search and rescue group, search and rescue teams after a search and rescue three trapped workers found hiding in the window outside the balcony security online, then firefighters immediately under the cover of nozzle, the three trapped workers were rescued,The fire extinguishing team also put out the open fire at the scene two minutes later.After the understanding, fire site location in the hall, the main combustion such as furniture, wooden, find the fire party, had tried to put out with water after fruitless, larger because of the fire can’t to the door to escape, then back to the bedroom window sill waiting for rescue, fortunately, timely rescue, the accident caused no casualties, at present, the cause is still in further investigation.How should we escape in case of a fire?01 When a fire comes, escape first.If trapped in the house, can first test the temperature of the door, and judge the concentration of outdoor smoke from the door, such as the fire is not big, must be decisive escape, must not have been hiding in the house to miss the opportunity to escape.If you find that the exit is blocked by heavy fire and smoke, and you are not equipped with protective equipment, do not rush out of the house. Instead, you should return to the house, block the cracks in the door with wet towels and clothes, and pour water on the door to cool down.03 When the fire and smoke are trapped in the room, you can judge the escape position according to the actual situation, and choose open space, such as balcony, toilet with Windows, etc.If you have to wait for help in your house, make sure that you send out a distress signal and ensure that you are in an environment that protects you from fire and smoke to a certain extent to buy time for rescue.Residents are advised to set up an escape hatch with a size of at least 1 meter by 0.8 meter on the anti-theft window net at home, which can be opened at any time, and be equipped with fire escape ladder.The door to the roof should not be locked.Do not pile up debris or park electric bicycles or charge in public walkways, stairwells and safety exits. Clean up debris in stairways, kitchens and balconies in time and keep fire exits and safety exits unblocked.Once again to remind you to do a good job in family fire prevention “three checks three clearance four”!Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: