The world: When you are suffering, watch this show and you will understand more

2022-04-29 0 By

The most beautiful song I heard this year is called “Passing by”.The most anticipated drama of the year is called The World, which is a history of people’s life in the 1950s, telling the ups and downs of people in that era.When I was young, I listened to my parents and grandparents tell stories about their youth. At that time, I often imagined pictures and imagined their life in that era according to their stories.This play turned all the imagination into pictures, reproducing all the memories of the older generation.This play is based on the lives and fates of the Three Brothers and sisters of The Zhou family. It tells the dreams and efforts of people of all social strata in that era. It is truly a life history of Chinese people.Brother Zhou bingyi responded to the call of the country, as an educated youth mountain to the countryside, after returning home to serve the people.In order to pursue the love in her heart, her eldest daughter Zhou Rong leaves her hometown to accompany her lover to join the queue in the rural area of Guizhou and become a teacher.Youngest son Zhou Bingkun stays in home town to become ordinary worker, industrious love home, marry virtuous wife Zheng Juan.The drama, adapted from Liang Xiaosheng’s novel The World of The Same name, is directed and produced by Li Lu and stars Lei Jiayin, Song Jia, Xin Baiqing, Yin Tao, Sa Rina and Wang Yang.Many old drama bone is willing to accompany this drama, which shows the influence of this drama.The first to mention the number of Lei Jiayin, in the TV drama “Merit” in the wonderful performance, we are all there for all to see.Lei Zi performance ability is extremely strong, can be “gold great robbery” in ruffian youth, still can be “peace hotel” clever clever black blind ridge 2 take charge of, the most pleasing or painful kill devil fly elder brother big hero.In this drama, Lei Jiayin plays Zhou’s younger brother, Zhou Bingkun, an ordinary citizen who lives around the family and dreams of being a father.Xin Baiqing is a frequent visitor to period dramas, such as Lin Bin in Happiness Like Flowers, or Yuan Xueyong, the wise and brave company commander in Band of Chinese Brothers. In recent years, li Taibai in Legend of the Demon Cat has left the deepest impression on the audience. He really plays Li Bai unrestrained and proud.In this play as the eldest brother Zhou Bingyi a good officer to serve the people.Chow’s wife, Zheng Juan, played by Yin Tao, makes chow’s (Lei Jiayin) ordinary world more ordinary.With her sweet smile, Yin Tao created a virtuous and considerate wife.The life of the characters in this drama is full of ups and downs, but as Sarzina said, it is not only about the suffering itself, but also about the attitude of the characters in the drama in that era.The most precious thing is the temperature between people, the most worth watching is the softest part of human nature — love and warmth.What better way to bring us into the context?What attracts the audience most is that Lei Jiayin has changed his previous image. He works hard and takes the responsibility of taking care of his mother and brother and sister, and occasionally he is full of grievances. This seems to be contrary to his usual “ruffians” and “humorous” person, so what wonderful performance will there be?Yes, life is never full of sweet, bitter and bitter, of course, through hard work, life or sugar to you.