The launch of Samsung’s Flagship Galaxy is just around the corner

2022-04-29 0 By

At 11 o ‘clock tonight, the Samsung Galaxy new product launch event with the theme of “rules without boundaries” will be held.By then, Samsung’s flagship New Year of the Tiger will be officially unveiled.On the eve of the event, Samsung also gave a preview of the new product’s dark night photography feature in a large, visually stunning 3D AD.The advert features tiger, an animal star known for its night vision and colorful colors.The carefully crafted “Tiger in the City” campaign showcases vivid, aggressive images of the giant Tiger at night in cities around the world, including New York, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul. The three-dimensional images seem to break visual boundaries.It indicates that the new generation of Samsung Galaxy flagship products will be upgraded through the night shooting function, to help users feel bright night scene.Samsung takes tiger as the image, vividly shows its innovation course of pioneering and enterprising in the past few years;Through such “tiger power” advertising, we sincerely invite users and fans to experience the future level of Samsung Galaxy’s new generation of flagship products in the city night.On the eve of the Samsung Galaxy launch, Samsung played the “Tiger in the City” video in New York’s Times Square. On the eve of the Samsung Galaxy launch,On the eve of the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy product, Samsung played its “Tiger in the City” promo at The Beach in Dubai.Samsung shows “Tiger in the City” promo video at Coex in Seoul on the eve of the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy product