Spring Festival I am on duty “road action” security

2022-04-29 0 By

Hua sheng electronic online Feb. 4 (reporter Zhao pupil iridium correspondent Zou Hui) in changsha city transportation system implement the provincial, city about the requirements of the low temperature sleet freezing weather safety during Spring Festival, focusing on the rain and snow freeze disaster characteristics of road traffic accident prone, carry out “the road”, to ensure that citizens Spring Festival, Spring Festival travel safely unimpeded.Traffic law enforcement, with emphasis on the transport market order, improve the urban and rural road “p ratio”, in view of the weak links and accidents, road transport safety at a dangerous goods side “” two guest, organization staff in key areas, key sites, key sections, key enterprises to carry out the law enforcement inspection strictly, carry out illegal violations,We will strictly investigate and punish illegal activities such as over-limit and overloaded transportation and illegal business operations.Since Jan. 31, in changsha city traffic comprehensive administrative enforcement in law enforcement officials 206 people, check the east bus station, south railway station, west railway station, north station, high-speed rail station, changsha railway station passenger site and business units, 40 times in maple’s woods three road, road, yuelu Huang Qiao avenue 235 were key to check your car along the road, the water of ship 94 ships,To ensure that the city’s road and water transport safety during the Spring Festival travel rush situation continues to be stable.Changsha city highway department organization is given priority to with the youth team more emergency ChuTu team, closely focus on the road, near water over the cliff, the sharp peg grew up a steep slope, slope, bridge and tunnel, flat crossing, easy to freeze, the mass of fog multiple etc, on the road to carry out the inspection, duty unattended, timely treatment of highway hidden dangers and make clear the snow.Until February 3, a total of 935 person-times of labor, 187 construction machinery vehicles, 97 transport vehicles;82.7 tons of snowmelt agent, 53 tons of anti-skid material and 8,000 sacks have been put into use to ensure timely traffic control, timely emergency disposal and timely recovery of road traffic in case of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather.Various counties (city) area in changsha city transportation departments perform apanage supervision responsibility, led, led by bureau of area of the organization staff in-depth provincial trunk road, rural roads, passenger terminal, the ferry terminal and transport enterprise to carry out the hidden perils and safety inspection of the first master the road is icy conditions and risks, timely response to treatment and escort during the Spring Festival transportation safety.