“Rascal child” Zhu Houzhao, detailed discussion of Ming Wu Zong’s life, difficult to talk about the Ming king or bad king?(a)

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“The Tang Dynasty has hu qi, while the Ming Dynasty is a rascal.’Rogue child’ four words, with Houzhao body, can be called a review.”– Lu Xun’s Letter to Cao Juren June 18, 1933 Zhu Houzhao was one of the most unusual emperors in 5,000 years of Chinese history.Some people in the history field think that he is extravagant, immoral and violent, debauched, credit eunuch, close to small groups, 16 years in power, no way of invincible, is criticized by the world bastard emperor;However, some people think that his life pursuit of individual liberation, the pursuit of freedom and equality, is extremely individual personality emperor, so it is difficult to sum up his strange life with a few words.Zhu Houzhao, the eldest son of Emperor Xiaozong and empress Zhang, was born on September 24, 1491, the fourth year of the Reign of Emperor Hongzhi of the Ming Dynasty.In the fourth year of hongzhi (1491), two emperors of the East and west were born.In the east, Zhu Houzhao, emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty, was born in the majestic Forbidden City. Far away in Britain, The second Tudor king, Henry VIII, who laid the foundation of Britain’s theocracy, was also born in Placensee Palace in Greenwich, London, England.It seems to be a joke of history that different places, different emperors, all have a bit of reputation and a bit of reputation.Zhu Houzhao’s birthday was particularly auspicious.The he was born in the year on Ding You JiaQu ShenShi (that is, the western AD on October 27, 1491, 15 to 17 in the afternoon time), if in accordance with, the order of the day, month, year, with gan “shen, unitary), and hai” in the order of the coincidence, known as the “penetration as renju” in numerology, Lord, how great your is said to have similarities with zhu yuanzhang’s birthday.Not only birthday, it is said that When Zhu Houzhao was a child, his appearance was also “like the Emperor Taizu, the essence of the ice jade, radiant”, quite imperial style.Zhu Houzhao is like zhu Yuanzhang, who looks like emperor Taizu. He has the temperament of jade and looks radiant.Also don’t know like Zhu Yuanzhang that piece of pig kidney face have what can be proud of, but like ancestor, kind ancestor, is the biggest praise of the Chinese people to the child appearance, so the Ming Dynasty official history of the emperor’s only heir habitual description of the spring and autumn writing, hundreds of years later we also regard as their own letter.There is also a folk legend about Zhu Houzhao’s origin.It is said that emperor Xiao Zong Zhu you and Queen Zhang after marriage feelings very sincere, other six palace concubines can not touch the emperor xiao Zong a little grace.But after four years of marriage, Zhang Has not been pregnant.The importance of the emperor’s heirs made the empress Dowager Zhou, the grandmother of emperor Xiaozong, very anxious.Therefore, the Empress Dowager appointed two beauties named Jeong and Cho beside her and made it clear to emperor Hyojong that they were specially chosen so that he could have a son.Emperor Xiaozong could not deny the empress dowager’s good graces. “Forced by necessity, I was so fortunate that I did not know when She had pregnancy.”This sentence meaning is: Ming xiao Zong Zhu you really have no way, face luckily zheng’s imperial concubine, the result is shot, Zheng’s pregnancy, the emperor does not know this matter.The empress dowager was very happy about it, but the Emperor xiao Zong felt very ashamed all the time and felt sorry for Empress Zhang.The empress dowager said: “after sincere thought son, zhao world world, good good.”Zhang listened to the empress dowager, zheng’s son as his son, this child is later Emperor Wuzong Zhu Houzhao, but filial piety emperor Zhu You have been do not know what.So according to the folk saying, Zhu Houzhao is not the natural son of Empress Zhang.Shen Defu of The Ming Dynasty also recorded this in Wanli Yehuo: “Empress Zhang of Xiaokang was so fond of pets that she could not enter the six palaces.And since wu Zong sheng, is the East Palace, and then wake Wei after the accession of the king, more no zhi son.Jing shi then have floating words: prince is not really in the palace.From time to time Wucheng Yujun Zheng Wang, there are women into qualcomm politics into the inside, because of the knot shi Liu Shan declaration: the female name zheng Jinlian, now the holy Empress Dowager Zhou’s palace, the real east palace mother also.This matter spread widely during the reign of Hongzhi.Later even Jiajing emperor Zhu Thick cong know, regardless of whether it is true, jiajing emperor has become the empress Dowager zhang produced resentment.Shen defu said, “King Sejong (Emperor Jiajing) especially hated Empress Dowager Zhang, and he Ling and Yanling brothers (empress Dowager Zhang’s brothers) were determined to get rid of them.The interests that Zhang’s family had worked so hard for came to an end in the Jiajing Dynasty.It is said that looks like the Emperor Taizu Zhu Houzhao was born, he was born after Ming xiao Zong Zhu You joy abnormal, after five months will be his title to the crown prince, and for its name “thick according to”, meaning that he can shine after the future, become a generation of wise king.To this end, Zhu You door frame to his discipline is also more strict, in his 8 years old, formally out of the cabinet to read, to accept strict education.Young Zhu Houzhao has a variety of enviable skills and conduct: good at learning, respect teachers, good at writing poetry, can sing, like a good boy.These may be true, but they are clearly not his true character.As the beloved son of Heaven, Hou Zhao developed a lifelong urchin habit.He was a restless and independent man, unconcerned with details, contemptuous of authority, yet capable of exercising power.He is courageous, full of curiosity, rich imagination, eccentric sense of humor, but also extremely lack of responsibility, dealing with daily affairs is not good at.What would such a crown prince, such an emperor, bring to the Ming Dynasty?Listen to fen next time!Friends, like your thumbs up comments!Incidentally to @engineering culture point attention!Talk with me about history, literature, poetry![pray][pray][pray]