PI focuses on the automotive chip market

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As a focus on high voltage power supply management and control in the field of high performance supplier of electronic components and power supply scheme, based in silicon valley, PI company launched by the integrated circuit and the diode to include mobile devices, household appliances, smart meters, LED lights, and industrial applications of many electronic products, design a small compact energy efficient AC – DC power supply.In the consumer electronics market in particular, PI’s performance is even more obvious.But PI is not resting on his laurels.Report at a press conference, senior technical training manager Yan Jinguang PI told reporters: “it is because the company made a such outstanding performance in consumer electronics market, which makes the company to research and development, the chip reliability and the supply of chips with full confidence, and this is just necessary to car chip.”Based on such profound accumulation, PI saw the opportunity of the new energy vehicle chip market, and quickly moved into it and launched highly competitive products.In the automobile market, the past few years could not find a more hot keyword than “new energy”.To be sure, due to the requirements of green energy saving, electric vehicles have developed rapidly in the past few years. In this process, architecture and technology have been constantly updated, such as bus voltage, which is getting higher and higher, mainly to further improve the experience of electric vehicles.As we all know, if you raise the voltage and keep the power constant, the current will go down.Applying it to the electric drive system of new energy vehicles will reduce the overall system loss, provide higher drive power, improve the charging speed of battery pack, and also reduce the weight of wire, using lighter and thinner wire.So the industry is gradually driving up the bus voltage of new energy vehicles.But as Yan Jinguang said, this will undoubtedly bring new challenges to car design, car emergency power is one of them.To understand this problem, we need to know the power supply composition of new energy vehicles.According to the introduction, in the traction inverter of electric vehicles, the power supply is divided into 12V low-voltage power supply and 400/800V high-voltage power supply.The high-voltage power supply is sent to the traction inverter for DC-AC inverter to generate three-phase AC power and drive the motor to rotate.As for the emergency power supply we are talking about here, it is designed in accordance with the safety requirements of ISO 26262 for traction inverters.When the traction inverter works normally, it is powered by 12V battery. When the 12V battery fails, it needs to be powered by emergency power and realize fault response to ensure safety.The emergency power supply needs to operate at a wide input voltage of 30-1050V to meet the high voltage of active control and fully charged battery and motor regeneration.However, as mentioned above, with the increase of bus voltage, switch tubes used in emergency power supply design are facing more and more severe challenges.”On the one hand, the scheme needs to meet the input requirements of higher bus voltage;On the other hand, you need to be able to work up to 30v dc, and you also need to consider functional safety.”Yan Told reporters.In response to this trend, PI has introduced its new 1.7kV Innoswitch 3-AQ chip suitable for the bus system of 600V-1200V electric vehicles.According to Yan Jinguang, PI is the only 1.7kV switch IC with aEC-Q100 certification and high integration.He pointed out that the addition of two NEW AEC-Q100 standard IC with rated voltage of 1700V is the industry’s first automotive grade switching power IC using silicon carbide (SiC) primary switching MOSFEts.The new IC can provide up to 70W of output power and is mainly used in 600V and 800V pure battery and fuel cell passenger vehicles, as well as electric buses, trucks and various industrial power applications.The new IC, with its compact InSOP™ -24d package and FluxLink™ feedback link, provides enhanced insulation of up to 5,000 VOLTS RMS for secondary side control, according to the data.FluxLink technology can directly detect the output voltage, its advantage is to provide high precision control and extremely fast dynamic response characteristics.Without the need for external circuitry, the power supply can operate at 30V input voltage, which is essential to meet the requirements of functional safety.Other protection features include input undervoltage protection, output overvoltage protection, and overcurrent limiting.The new device also integrates synchronous rectification and quasi resonant (QR)/CCM flyback controllers to achieve over 90% efficiency, easily meeting the most stringent OEMS requirements.The no-load power consumption of the power supply can be less than 15mW, which can reduce the self-discharge of the battery in the battery management system.Due to its highly integrated design, the new InnoSwitch IC can reduce the number of components in the power supply by up to 50%, saving significant board space, enhancing system reliability and alleviating component procurement challenges.Peter Vaugha, Director of Automotive Business Development at Power Integrations, said, “800V batteries are becoming standard in electric vehicles.Multiple vehicle systems are connected to this powerful power source, but sophisticated electronic control circuits require only a few volts to work and communicate.Circuits using InnoSwitch devices can use a small board area and safely draw a small amount of power from the main bus for the control circuit without wasting energy.Most notably, the new device can significantly simplify the design of emergency power supplies for the main traction inverter.Emergency power supplies need to be ready to operate at any voltage between 30V and 1000V at any time.Our SiC based Innoswitch 3-AQ device can easily handle such a wide operating voltage range.”* Disclaimer: This article was created by the author.The content of this article is the author’s personal opinion, semiconductor Industry Watch reprint only to convey a different point of view, does not represent semiconductor Industry Watch to endorse or support this point of view, if you have any objection, please contact semiconductor Industry Watch.Today is the 2957 content that “semiconductor Industry Watch” shares for you, welcome to follow.Wafer | INTEGRATED Circuit | Equipment | Automotive Chip | Storage | TSMC | AI | Package