I turned 65, and two 20-something women came after me, looking at my wife who had been sick for 10 years, and made this decision

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On the first day of the 1st Lunar New Year, I got up at 6am, prepared breakfast for my wife, and then took her to the hospital for dialysis.My wife has been sick for ten years, I accompany her every day, she has uremia, has been very serious, every three times dialysis is not comfortable, the body often swollen, but also very itchy, I accompany her in the hospital, ready to send food to her at any time, or go into her massage, scratching.I’m a contractor. I don’t have to be on site all the time. I just have to go over there and give orders occasionally.I have been to the wife with better medicine, every month to three or four thousand yuan.A lot of patients say I’m a good husband, always with my wife, and take good care of her.My wife is in a bad mood because of illness and often loses her temper towards me. I am laughing to coax her to be happy for fear that she is angry with her body.Others say that many wife sick husband no matter her dead or alive, but I do not complain, never abandon care, like me so good man rarely see.They do not know, in fact, I am in atonement, when I was young I hurt the wife’s heart, now know wrong, just double good to her, in order to peace of mind.I’m a teacher. I’m only 1.58 meters, which is second-class as a man.And the wife is the village flower of the village, her father is still a cadre, I do not know what dog excrement luck, by her fancy.After I married her, I loved her very much. I hurried home after school every day. I wanted to go back to accompany her and help her do some housework.At that time, we were also the model couple in the village. We never quarreled, and we loved each other very much.Later, my wife gave birth to two sons and two daughters. Although guangdong family planning was relatively loose, I was fined a lot of money and lost my job. I was very depressed at that time, so I learned to play mahjong.I became addicted to it, and the more I gamble, the more I lose all my money, I can’t even afford to pay for my living expenses.At that time, she worked as a waiter in a small restaurant. In order to save money, the boss did not rent a dormitory, so they slept on the floor of the hotel after work.Time grows, the wife’s foot often aches, she has seen a few times, someone says rheumatism, someone says gout.One to the resistance to decline when the pain was severe, but she did not go to see in order to save money, to find someone else to give her herbal medicine to eat.At that time, I lost a lot of money. As poverty leads to change, I studied every day how to make money.At that time, real estate was particularly hot. I became a contractor after learning the relationship with my wife’s family.I earned a lot of money, but all lost, the wife quarrels with me every day at that time, I disrepute her vexed do not go home, hit 2 or 3 just come home every day.Back to sleep, with the wife is zero communication.My wife had to work and take care of the kids. She was busy at that time. Later, she got tired and stopped quarreling with me.One year, the land was re-divided, and everyone began to build houses and cover land. My boss advised me to build, but now the land is gold, hurry to occupy it, or later will not be allowed to build.But I have lost penniless, I was sad almost cried, then the wife took out eighty thousand dollars let me to build a house.I just realized I hurt my wife.She gave it all in cash, she didn’t know how to save, she hid it all over the house, and we didn’t even find it.After building the house this time, I made up my mind to give up gambling. The children in the family were also very successful. They all got good grades and were admitted to college.The fourth daughter was still in high school, and his wife suddenly fell ill.She began to urinate a lot, pain, sometimes there is blood, then can not urinate, slowly no urine.She was diagnosed with uremia, the news came like a bolt from the blue, children need to spend money, and she has to pay for treatment.In order to save money, she often did not dare to drink water and often delayed dialysis, leading to her increasingly serious illness.The doctor said that this disease is related to her disorderly taking medicine, she is not to see the pain in her feet, disorderly taking herbal medicine, drug toxicity to the kidney, necrosis.Regret is no use, we can only actively treatment, fortunately her family helped a lot.Later, when the children finished college, they all got jobs and the economy became better. The son was a boss in guangzhou, the eldest daughter got married and had a son, and the youngest daughter worked in a bank.The most promising is the youngest daughter, she is new more than two hundred thousand, every month to her mother money, let her mother take good medicine, keep the body well, she loves her mother when she was young for her to eat bitter.Several children ignored me because OF my gambling, but my wife put in a good word for me, so they forgave me.I realized my mistake and was very kind to my wife. I felt sorry for her and wanted to atone for it.There were several young women in the hospital where she saw a doctor who were also undergoing dialysis. Sometimes I would chat with them. When I heard them saying that they had no money to see a doctor during the Spring Festival, I wanted to help them and gave them a red envelope of 100 yuan.They added me on wechat, knowing that I was a contractor and my family was in a good condition, so they mainly showed kindness to me and expressed their willingness to be my girlfriend.I refused at once, I just want to take good care of my wife now, can not do sorry to her, she is sick already very painful, I can not add insult to injury.When others praise me as a good man, is really good to his wife, really envy my wife, I will say: “my wife is better, when young with me to eat a lot of suffering, I should take care of her.”Summary: all say husband and wife is the same forest bird originally, big disaster is approaching their own flight, that is they did not have to suffer together.In fact, everyone’s heart is soft, may be at that time by lard meng heart, but one day will wake up.Which pair of husband and wife did not quarrel, did not encounter a little thing, as long as you remember that you are husband and wife, the wife is for you to fight for life, you are embarrassed to do sorry her thing.I hope those men addicted to gambling can wake up early, don’t let the family hurt the heart, suffered all the injuries, as early as a day wake up, will be one more day of happiness.Refuse to gamble, away from gambling, to return your happy family.