Beauty has completely miscalculated!The “25-Year Agreement between China and Iran” caused a stir around the world

2022-04-29 0 By

Not long ago, China and Russia’s navy in waters Iran just about bahr held a tripartite joint exercises, near the military exercise caused the extensive concern of the international community, there are two widely identity, one is between China and Russia’s “iron triangle”, is a significant force against American hegemony, second is from China and Russia’s own, are an important force in maintaining regional peace.Many will wonder, when did these three countries join forces?Actually, since March 2021, Iraq had reached an important agreement, at that time, China’s foreign minister wang yi fly to Tehran, with Iran to sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement for 25 years, now the distance agreement over the past 10 months, Iran or similar cooperation agreement signed will again, and have replaced partner with Russia.According to the web reports, recently, Iran’s new President Patrick leahy with a “strategic cooperation agreement draft” 20 years to visit Russia, reports also emphasized that leahy’s visit to Russia is by no means common trip at some critical moments, for Russian President vladimir putin, Patrick leahy his first choice, Russia will russian-iranian relations between the two countries “finally can ascend to a new level,” the visit is to have “strategic”.It is worth mentioning that during the visit, Leahy said that there are special circumstances in which we can work together to oppose the unilateral actions of western countries, including the United States. At the same time, Leahy also pointed out that Iran has been anti-American for more than 40 years, and they will not be stopped by sanctions and threats of national development.Hence Mr Putin’s vision for “strategic” co-operation.Earlier, in the 25-year strategic cooperation agreement signed by China and Iran, China promised to invest 400 billion US dollars in Iran over 25 years to help Iran overcome the time of “sanctions” and realize Iran’s “Renaissance”.For Iran, the deal is more of a “lifeline,” the “only way out” under the toughest U.S. sanctions.Iran and China cooperation, however, there is also a short, key areas of cooperation in economy, rather than national security, but Iran besides face sanctions from the United States, even in the face of the United States, Israel and other military threat, and this kind of threat in the growing, therefore, Iran must adhere to the “two-step”, nature is little not Russia,This time Iran stepped up to the mark, bringing not only Mr Leahy’s first visit to Russia but also the “20-year Strategic Partnership Agreement”.It is also in Russia’s interest.At a time when Russia, too, is under intense pressure from the United States, Moscow may consider lowering the price to form a strategic triangle between Russia, Russia and Iran.