Lithuania asked the whole world to fight Russia and China and did even crazier things!Nice Chinese counterattack

2022-04-28 0 By

As a member of the Eu, Lithuania’s attitude towards China should be consistent with that of the EU.But he likes to go the other way, trying to follow America’s lead and expand his international influence.In recent years, Lithuania has been constantly in the sights of the international community, attracting great attention from the outside world.The fundamental reason for this situation is that Lithuania openly interfered in China’s Taiwan issue, attempting to create a situation of “one China, one Taiwan”, seriously affecting the One-China principle and touching China’s bottom line, which China cannot tolerate.Lithuania tried to enlist Australia to counter China’s and Russia’s actions against Lithuania, and China responded by downgrading diplomatic relations.In addition, many foreign enterprises in Lithuania also said that if Lithuania could not solve the current crisis, they would choose to withdraw from the country and find other countries to develop.In fact, these foreign enterprises also need China’s huge market.Recently, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landzbergis paid a visit to Australia.He said the agenda of his visit was to strengthen ties between Lithuania and Australia in the face of “threats” from China and Russia.Many media believe that Lithuania is looking for a “small partner” to “fight” Against China and Russia.In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on February 8 that the allegation that China “coerced” Lithuania is completely fabricated.Lithuania and Australia have a lot in common and as you know, Lithuania and Australia have something in common.After the arrival of Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landsberges, The Australian media also exulted that “Australia has found a new ally”.Despite the fanning of the Australian media, the Australian government has no intention of following Lithuania’s lead.Australian Foreign Minister Peter Payne said in person that Australia recognizes the One-China principle and that Australia will not participate in Lithuania’s plan to rename the so-called “Office”.Lithuania, as a “novice troublemaker”, may not know the consequences of provoking China.But Australia, which has been at the forefront of “dealing with China”, has paid a painful price.After a series of spectacular moves, Australia not only lost the Chinese market, but also got a rather tragic stab in the back by its close ally, the US.From this point of view, the two countries do sympathize with each other.But lately, Australia has woken up to the consequences of offending China, and is delicately cautious in its economic dealings with it.Australia is the endgame for Lithuania, which has the support of the United States and the European Union for daring to talk about Taiwan.But Australia is on the edge of Asia and knows that if it crosses China’s red line, there will be no end of trouble.Therefore, It is difficult for Australia to cooperate with Lithuania, and Lithuania’s small calculation is doomed to fail.Australia’s today is Lithuania’s tomorrow, and Lithuania needs to wake up if it wants to avoid tragedy.Otherwise, if China decides to fight back, Lithuania will be in trouble.Part of the news reference source: Hubei radio and television station.