What doubts do you have about the purity of gold jewelry

2022-04-27 0 By

The purity of gold generally refers to the gold content, the higher the purity of gold jewelry, the better?Many people are obsessed with the purity of gold when they buy gold jewelry. They think the higher the purity, the better. Is the higher the purity of gold jewelry, the better?Are people still debating the purity of jewelry?For example: three nine, nine, four five to nine, 3 D, 5 G, it is the same, Hong Kong’s gold is higher than the mainland’s gold purity is the same, and in Hong Kong almost no large gold jewelry processing plants, processing plants are mostly in the mainland and the friend said in the past, the old man stay gold is the most pure, I want to tell you, no,Because the past purification technology can not meet the requirements, there is really no need to tangle, because any gold jewelry or precious metals in your hands will be smelted again by the manufacturer.A lot of people think that if gold is pure, it won’t fade. It fades because it’s not pure enough.In fact, gold is not easy to fade relative to gold, but many people wear gold rings and necklaces for a long time, found that will fade.You know, in everyday life, gold can fade for a number of reasons, such as chemical reactions that can occur when it comes into contact with human sweat, daily chemicals and so on, especially when it comes into contact with chemicals like mercury.These are normal phenomena, can be sent to the business where renovation, usually also should pay more attention to maintenance.Tip: Don’t worry too much about purity when buying gold jewelry!