The man disliked his wife because she was too fat. He wouldn’t let her eat much and wouldn’t let her fart

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There is a word “to be able to eat is a blessing”, originally used to describe the elderly in good health, now also widely used to describe a person in good health.In the past, when food was scarce, it was a blessing to be able to eat, but now people are better off. Many people are getting fatter and fatter, and lack of exercise, so many people are not in good health.Indeed, it is not good to be too thin or too fat. We should also pay attention to exercise while making money. Having a good body is the source of happiness.Some people get fat due to illness, postpartum obesity and so on, we should also give understanding, tolerance, and encourage them to exercise.A netizen surnamed Zhang (pseudonym) was shaking with a hospital report accusing her husband of hurting her.Xiao Zhang and her husband are working to know each other, later a chat found that two people or fellow townie, in a strange city can meet a fellow townie, the heart is always surging up a sense of familiarity, two people soon came together.Later the two married, Xiao Zhang went home with her husband to develop, in the first few years of the couple contracted land to engage in planting, also can earn a lot of money every year.Later one year bad weather, the couple lost a lot of money, from now on they no longer contract land, the husband borrowed money from relatives to buy a big truck to transport.Just married when the couple’s feelings are very good, contract land to engage in planting is also good, since the husband began to run transportation, the couple’s feelings are worse day by day.The couple often quarrel for a little thing, sometimes nothing to find out a little thing to quarrel, later xiao Zhang fat also became a reason for quarrel.As a matter of fact, Xiao Zhang was quite slim before she got married. Later, she even gave birth to two children. During those years, she lacked exercise and ate fairly well, so her figure naturally became fat.And after entering middle age, many men and women will put on weight, which is normal, husbands can even trouble themselves.At first, he disliked Xiao Zhang for being fat. Later, he directly restricted how much he ate at each meal. It was for The good of Xiao Zhang that he would suffer from many diseases after getting fat.Later, the husband even put xiao Zhang fart to tube, not allow xiao Zhang to have dinner, when there are many people fart, but fart is like the hiccup, people can not control.Although she was very angry at her husband’s behavior, thinking of their two children, Zhang finally chose to endure it, until one day She fainted and was taken to hospital.At first, I thought Xiao Zhang was suffering from some kind of disease, but after a check-up in the hospital, the final result was that Xiao Zhang had not enough to eat for a long time and was engaged in a lot of housework, which led to some hypoglycemia.Under the questioning of the family, Xiao Zhang said his experience in her husband’s house, immediately put the family popularity is not good, Xiao Zhang’s mother is directly to the son-in-law’s house to make a big fight.The effect is very good, Zhang’s husband really convergence a lot, Zhang for the integrity of the family, after her husband promised not to make mistakes again, Zhang or choose to compromise.A few years later, Xiao Zhang’s mother was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. Shortly after her mother passed away, her husband immediately began to recover a little. Xiao Zhang was afraid of going back to her former life and was reluctant to divorce.Apparently, Zhang still harbors a glimmer of fantasy that the man can change, and that the two were once very sweet, having two children and so on.But fantasy is always fantasy, if Xiao Zhang can not recognize the reality earlier, later will inevitably lead more painful, more feel unable to get rid of.In fact, as early as the first time her husband did not let him eat, the first time to beat their own time, Xiao Zhang should be brave resistance, rather than blindly obedient.Sometimes taking a step back can open up the sky, but sometimes taking a step back can only be a step back again and again, and finally there is no retreat. In terms of principles and the bottom line, we must not retreat.In fact, Xiao Zhang is so entangled in order to let the two children have a stable home, afraid that she can not take care of the two children after divorce, afraid that her husband will not take care of the children.In fact, there is no need to worry, continue to maintain this painful marriage, by sacrificing their own way, is it possible to get the happiness of children grow up?People in this life a lot of pain is not imposed by others, but the existence of their own fantasy in the heart, is their own to make themselves more painful.