Police arrested a “foot picker” who posed as a beautiful woman in an online dating scam

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Yangtse Evening News network On February 8 (correspondent Jiang Jingxuan reporter Mei Jianming) with the development of network dating software, more and more people through the network chat friends, and some criminals use the network chat concealed cheating.Recently, Nanjing Public Security Bureau Jiangbei New District branch taishan New Village police station cracked a network dating fraud case, successfully captured the suspect Zhang.What makes people laugh and cry is that zhang mou, posing as a beauty, is actually a “male foot picker”.The picture shows Mr. Huang and Zhang chat and transfer records “I was cheated!”A few days ago, Mr. Huang, who lives in jiangbei, hurried to the Taishan Xincun police station to report to the police that he was cheated more than 8,000 yuan by netizens.Huang told police that he met a woman named “Xiao Mei” on social media platforms.During the chat, “Mei” told Mr. Huang that she was single and a teacher.’She sent me pictures, which I liked, and we had a good conversation, which led to a relationship.’Mr. Huang said.The picture shows Mr. Huang and Zhang chat and transfer records to determine the “love” relationship, “small beauty” began to ask Mr. Huang for various reasons to transfer money.”She asked for money after a car accident, money to buy things and gifts for her birthday. She thought we were dating and it was normal to spend money on her girlfriend, so she transferred the money to her.”Mr. Huang said.The picture shows the chat and transfer records of Mr. Huang and Zhang. When Mr. Huang proposed to see him, “Xiao Mei” said that he needed Mr. Huang to transfer the money first.But when Mr. Huang transfer money, found that he was “small beauty” screen, this just realized that he was cheated, hurriedly call the police for help.The picture shows Mr. Huang and Zhang chat and transfer records received a report, the police quickly launched an investigation.Classics investigation, the police discovers, the cummer that Huang mouth “small beauty” is a man unexpectedly.According to the suspect surnamed Zhang, he stole pictures of beautiful women on the Internet as his social media profile picture, to create a single “beauty” set in order to attract single men.After confirming the “love relationship”, he demanded money from the victim for various reasons.The picture is Mr. Huang chat with Zhang and transfer records at present, the criminal suspect Zhang was detained by the public security organs for suspected fraud, the case is being further handled.Proofreading Xu Hang