In January, domestic car sales ranked 1-45, Changan beat Geely to win the title, BYD into the top three

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Recently, it was learned that changan Automobile overtook Geely Automobile to top the list of domestic car sales in January 2022. Geely Automobile broke the 110,000 mark, BYD rose to the third place, And Hafu, Chery, Wuling, Hongqi, Roewe, Trumpchi and Auchan were all ranked in the top 10.Mg Cars, Dongfeng Fengshen, Linke, Dongfeng and GaC Aeon have broken through the 15,000 mark, And Qichen, Ola, Xiaopeng, Baojun and Dongfeng Scenery are in the top 20.Brands such as Ideal, Nezha, Tank, Jetto, Nio and Zero-Run also performed well in January.In January, domestic car sales ranked 1-45, Changan beat Geely to win the championship, BYD ranked the top three!1. Changan Automobile overtook Geely to win the championship. In January, Changan Automobile ushered in a breakthrough, selling 123,700 new cars in a single month, and its two main models, Changan CS75 and CS55, both exceeded 30,000 units.Geely Auto came in second place. Although Geely Auto failed to win the title, geely Auto still performed well, with sales exceeding 110,000 units in January. Geely Xingyue L, Geely Xingrui and emgrand Family also performed well.Byd Auto rose to third place, with another 95,000 units sold in a single month thanks to the explosion of new energy models.2. Haval, Chery, Wuling, Hongqi, Roewe, Trumpchi and Auchan are all ranked in the top 10. Haval Automobile performed well in January, with sales exceeding 70,000 in a single month, and its flagship model Haval H6 successfully retained its title.Chery ranked fifth, with sales of 65,000 units in January, while the Chery Tiger 8 and Chery Tiger 7 both crossed the 10,000 mark.Wuling and Hongqi both achieved more than 40,000 yuan in January, and Hongqi HS5 performed well. Roewe, Trumpchi and Auchan all ranked in the top ten, and their sales in January all exceeded 30,000 yuan.3. Mg automobile failed to enter the top ten, while mg ZS, the flagship model, performed flat. Dongfeng Fengshen, Linke, Dongfeng Wind and GAC Aeon all broke the 15,000 mark.Qichen, Euler, Xiaopeng, Baojun and Dongfeng scenery have also broken through the ten thousand mark, the overall performance is relatively outstanding.New brands Ideal Automobile, Nezha Automobile, Tank and Jetto also performed well, while Nio, Racing, Geometry, Maxas and Wei Brand all ranked in the top 30.In addition, si Wei, Mustang, Kai Yi and Weichai brands, sales in January were less than 2,000 units.Finally, the domestic car sales list of January 1-45 was officially released, Changan Automobile beat Geely automobile to win the title, BYD again broke through 95,000 ranked the third, Haf and Chery ranked the top five, Trumpchi, Roewe, Auchan and Red Flag and other brands, the performance of January is still good.What do you think of the complete sales ranking of Domestic car brands in January?