“He Mei Sha Tou Fu Hu Spring” painting and calligraphy exhibition opened, Shatou street Spring Festival holiday cultural atmosphere thick

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to add a rich cultural atmosphere to the New Year, recently, “He Mei Sha Tou Fu Hu Spring” painting and calligraphy exhibition was held on the 2nd floor of the street public Cultural Service Center.It is reported that the exhibition works part from the artists association and calligrapher association professional teachers, part from the area residents painting and calligraphy enthusiasts, works including landscape, flowers and birds, calligraphy, seal cutting a variety of art forms, from different angles to reflect the New Year new atmosphere.”And the sand F tiger spring-heralding “painting and calligraphy exhibition is head of the twentieth street left deep builders holidays is an important part of the series of activities, the street party working earnestly love stay deep builder, through holding the Spring Festival series of cultural activities, to create a happy and peaceful peace health festival atmosphere, constantly enhance the level of public cultural services,We will ensure that the local people enjoy a richer, richer and higher-quality spiritual and cultural life.Next, four new theatrical performances, “read the sand head, elegant with me” spring enjoy reading activities, “joy yuanxiao, happy learning” yuanxiao garden fun activity, wai village folk culture display and a series of new era civilization practice will continue to meet with residents, sand head street residents service by the practical action, give people a cultural feast.The exhibition runs until February 25.Review: Sun Shijian tian Jun