7 projects with a total investment of 5 billion yuan held a key project signing ceremony

2022-04-27 0 By

Hebei News Network On February 16 (Yan Tingting) today, yuan Shi County in 2022 the first quarter of the key projects focused signing ceremony held in the Yuan Yue Hotel.Xu Jiuhui, secretary of Yuanshi County Party Committee, and other leaders of the four major groups, signatories and provincial and municipal media reporters attended the ceremony.The ceremony was presided over by Zhao Junjie, executive deputy head of yuanshi County government.At the ceremony, the person in charge of the opening area introduced the basic situation of the project;Representatives of the government and companies came on stage to sign contracts.It is understood that the signing of a total of 7 projects, a total investment of about 5 billion yuan, involving medicine and health, civil-military integration, logistics, warehousing, infrastructure and other fields.The contracted projects include: China Iron Industry Investment strategic cooperation project, which mainly provides the whole county with industrial planning, industrial policy consultation, industrial project design, investment and financing cooperation, investment attraction, etc.China Railway Engineering Investment strategic cooperation project, mainly in infrastructure construction, ecological environment management, water environmental protection, urban renewal, rural living environment improvement and urban development and other areas to establish long-term, stable and friendly strategic cooperative partnership;Hebei Medical Association big health industry strategic cooperation project, mainly for the county to attract investment, project docking, personnel training, organization of industry forums and meetings and other aspects of support;Overspending: navigation in harmony (yus) technology center project, located in the county development zone of new energy and equipment manufacturing industrial park, covers an area of 460 mu, a total investment of 1.765 billion yuan, an incubator project key construction of national aerospace equipment, aerospace equipment research and development of enterprise innovation center, aerospace enterprise incubators, and space form a complete set of equipment industry base, national communication center of space equipment, etc.;Zhongtong Express North China Management Center project, located in Xinxing Industrial Park of Yuanshi Development Zone, covers an area of 171 mu, with a total investment of 1.2 billion Yuan. It will construct intelligent distribution center, Express sorting center, Zhongtong cloud warehouse, e-commerce base, cold chain storage, etc., covering an area of about 180,000 square meters.Yuanzheng New preparation project, located in the Pharmaceutical Industrial Park of Yuanshi Development Zone, covers an area of 85 mu with a total investment of 500 million yuan. It will build workshops for solid preparation, Traditional Chinese medicine and vaccine production, biological product RESEARCH and development center, logistics center and headquarters building.Huaiyang thermoelectric biomass thermoelectric relocation project, the project is located in Yuanshi Development Zone new material Industrial Park, with a total investment of 650 million yuan, covering an area of 200 mu, the construction of 2×30MW cogeneration steam turbine generator set, supporting 2× 130T /h biomass boiler and comprehensive office building, production plant, warehouse, life supporting facilities.The project is the “locomotive” to drive the economy and the “engine” to promote the industrial upgrading.This year the county, the county government is the certain years “” the domain comprehensive high quality construction, the county will focus on high quality project construction, up and down” all around the project “” all staring at the project” “all the elements to go” with the project, with the greatest sincerity and try my best to, being a good service of the construction of the project “the bartender,” strictly implement good propulsion mechanism of “136” project,We will take the initiative and cooperate with each other to achieve the new normal of “fast landing, fast start, fast construction and fast production”.