NBA Live updates | Warriors beat Mavericks 130-92 at home

2022-04-26 0 By

On January 26, 2022, the Golden State Warriors played the Mavericks in the NBA.The warriors beat the Mavericks 130-92.The Warriors made 53 percent of their shots, while the Mavericks shot 35 percent on the road.The Warriors had 58 rebounds to the Mavericks’ 38, and the warriors were better at rebounding inside.The Warriors led the Mavericks with 31 assists and were the better team player overall.The Warriors finished the game with eight steals and two blocks, while the Mavericks made nine steals and blocked four of the warriors’ possessions.The Warriors and Mavericks also hit 83 percent and 100 percent of their free throws, respectively.As for turnovers, the Warriors committed 14 to the Mavericks’ 10, fewer turnovers than the Warriors.Except for this game,Check out the following games today: 08:00 Toronto VS Hornets 08:00 76ers VS Pelicans 08:00 Pistons VS Nuggets 08:00 Wizards VS Clippers 08:30 Celtics VS Kings 08:30 Nets VS Lakers 09:09 Rockets VS RocketsSpurs Portland vs. Timberwolves at 11:00