Jingtai police received two banners of gratitude from the public one day

2022-04-26 0 By

On the afternoon of January 28, the network security brigade of Jingtai County Public Security Bureau in Baiyin city received a brocade flag from both sides of the people, thanking them for overcoming difficulties and working hard to solve the case, and finally recovering the economic loss for the reporter.In 2021, Mr. Wang, a resident of Jingtai District, downloaded a fake “360 IOU” APP through SMS links, and was swindled out of more than 210,000 yuan by the other party during the loan process, claiming that the card number was wrong and funds were unfrozen.In the same year, Ms. Shen of Jingtai District was sapped of more than 180,000 yuan when she did the task of brushing orders and returning commissions on the APP “National Fubao”.After receiving the alarm, Jingtai County network security brigade police after tracking, level by level inquiry, careful combing, successfully frozen part of the cheated money, and in recent days will be part of the funds involved in the recovery.On The afternoon of January 28, handling the case police will recover the loss returned to two victims, and patiently to two victims preach the skills of preventing telecom network fraud, told them to be vigilant in the future, beware of being cheated.Lanzhou Daily full media reporter Wang Wanying correspondent Wang Tongli