Dongguang County: busy production orders run out of development acceleration

2022-04-26 0 By

Since the industrial enterprises above the scale in Dongguang County, specialized new enterprises above the provincial level, high-tech enterprises and key projects of the provinces and cities have resumed work and production, while strictly implementing measures such as scanning code temperature measurement, wearing masks, elimination and so on, the enterprises have been at full speed to rush orders and promote production, running out of the development “acceleration”.Reporters in dongguang county light temple town of the city general refrigeration, Huili auto parts and other companies to see that the enterprise actively implement sweep code temperature measurement measures, regularly carry out elimination operations.The workshop is already a busy scene, machinery and equipment running at high speed, employees wearing masks are orderly busy on the production line.Zhang Jianhua, deputy manager of Dongguang Huili Auto Parts Co., LTD., said, “Our two shifts are operating at full capacity and are rushing orders for Great Wall Motors amid the epidemic prevention and control efforts.”Ping an Carton Packaging Co., LTD., a high-tech enterprise in Dongguang County, has received orders of 7.5 million yuan in the past month, plus previous orders, the desire to resume work is very urgent.After receiving the notice to resume work and production, they prepared to start work at the fastest speed and entered the production state at the first time.Reporters in the interview happened to catch up with ping an 1224 two-color printing press is loading, ready to be sent to Guangzhou delivery customers.Hebei Ping An Carton Packaging Machinery Co., LTD. General manager Wang Ping told reporters: “After the resumption of work and production, we do a good job of epidemic prevention and control at the same time, our company also do a good job of closed management.Because our company has a lot of orders, we are working overtime to make orders and ensure delivery on time.Thanks to the relevant departments for us to apply for a vehicle pass, to ensure that raw materials to the factory in time, our products to customers in time.”In Dongguang Chemical Co., LTD., in order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and work safety, the company has strengthened the management of all posts and strictly controlled all links to ensure no problems.After completing code scanning, temperature measurement, registration and other procedures, all transport vehicles will enter the factory area in an orderly manner to carry out production work.Source: New Media Department, Dongguang Rong Media Center