Blind date to be successful, avoid these three mentality, daughter-in-law can take home

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Blind date to be successful, avoid these three mentality, daughter-in-law can take home blind date can not have these three mentality, today Xuan Xuan sister to tell you.Many brothers again and again blind date is not successful, mentality are collapsed, and even are not willing to go blind date, this is because you before blind date, did not adjust the mentality, so brothers do not take these three mentality to blind date, otherwise, when you go to a person, when you come or a person.The first is expecting too much before a blind date.Before the blind date, many brothers are holding great expectations, fantasizing that girls have a good figure and a high level of appearance, and family conditions are also good.Xuan Xuan sister advised these brothers to wake up early, so many years have not met the perfect lover, you can find a kiss?Some brothers will certainly say, even if not very perfect, that general always want it!I am so bad that I can’t accept it. Frankly speaking, from love to marriage, we first find each other’s good, and then find each other’s bad.If you expect too much from a blind date at the very beginning, you will not be able to stand it if you find a bad girl in the process of getting along.Therefore, if you set your expectations too high before a blind date, you can hardly find a satisfactory person. Only by lowering your expectations can you give yourself more chances to meet the right person.Second, blind date mentality is too anxious.I can’t wait for a girl to give you a monkey.You are the more urgent, and the greater the likelihood of breakdown though dating is rush to the purpose of the wedding, omitted many steps in love, but that doesn’t mean that you really can directly pull a girl to go to get card, also some han han brothers, age to want to directly write on the face, I want to get married girls all too late to think about how are you this man, compatible or not.How embarrassing it is for you to lay out your married life for her.Imagine if it was an investment and there were two options: a low-risk relationship or a high-risk marriage.When you don’t know what to invest in, do you choose the low risk or the high risk?Even if you’re really in a hurry, don’t make it too obvious. There’s not a single procedure you need to go through.Third, blind self-doubt after blind date.How much do matchmakers know about you when your parents don’t know you as an adult?They introduce you to blind date, does not go according to your condition, your image, coupled with the introducer of his judgment, so the brothers don’t too believe in references, more don’t cry because it is mutually close the object be poor with you a lot, you are in a blind self doubt, think you in the eyes of everybody is like this?It feels like my life is falling apart, guys. We can’t do that.Let’s just say to a brother, like you make friends with him, do you look at his value, career or height?Obviously not, or did you like girls in the past because of these external conditions?Probably not!So why are you using these things now to negate your worth?If you are a brother who has failed many times on blind dates, you need to recognize the fact that the success rate of blind dates itself is not very high. How high do you think the success rate of putting two people together based on a single condition is?When you start to doubt yourself because of a blind date, I hope you can do this. Instead of starting to doubt yourself, it is better to go to the next one. The more people you meet, the more chances you will meet the right person.Or the same words, mentality is not malicious, dating instability, keep a good attitude, to better find the right person.Don’t refuse to go on a blind date just because you have failed several times. If you don’t go on a blind date, you are likely to miss a marriage that belongs to you.Love and marriage are full of randomness and adventure, so boldly enjoy every strange encounter. Please remember that no matter what problems you encounter, Sister Xuan Xuan will always be behind you to escort your love.