This Spring Festival, Changshan hit the “combination” of employment and stable employment!

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The Spring Festival “homeward return tide” meets the enterprise “production busy”, how to strengthen the enterprise employment security has become the key to the current development.In order to ensure that the important indicators of key enterprises of major projects in the first quarter of the year are “early preparation, quick start and steady growth”, Changshan, with the determination of “the first battle is decisive battle, and the momentum is determined to win”, has successively issued policies to support enterprises to stay and improve workers and promote production, so as to make a “combination fist” to ensure the employment of key enterprises.”Changshan enterprise benefits are good, not only close to home, but also a good income!”On February 5th, Wang Fei, a young man from Pengchuan Village, Huibu town, excitedly told reporters that he and his wife had successfully passed the interview and were expected to work in Zhejiang Pilot Precision Machinery Co., LTD in the middle of February.Wang Fei graduated from China Jiliang University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial Engineering and Management in 2015. She has worked in several enterprises in Hangzhou, mainly responsible for product quality management and testing.In January 2022, zhejiang Pilot Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. extended an “olive branch” to him and invited him to interview for a job under the recommendation of the activity of “grid entering households and sending jobs” in Huibu Town and Pengchuan Village.After several rounds of selection, Wang Fei was selected as the company’s quality engineer with her outstanding professional skills.”I’m happy that this company, including this position, matches my major.”Wang fei said that the development of Changshan in recent years is getting better and better, and this year began to stay in Changshan to do business.Like Wang, Li Xiaoping of Xindu Village, Jinchuan subdistrict, also gave up his job in a Hangzhou garment trading company to stay in his hometown and work as a workshop director assistant in Zhejiang Shadlingxiang Valley Investment Co., LTD.Before the Spring Festival, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Changshan County opened a wechat “Changshan Cloud Recruitment” platform to closely monitor the situation of people outside the county and province staying and returning to their posts as well as local people returning to their hometowns. The “online + offline” mode carried out a series of recruitment activities of “villagers staying in Changshan and sending jobs to U”, which built a good communication platform between enterprises and job seekers.According to statistics, the job fair has a total of more than 80 enterprises, providing more than 2300 positions.At the same time, Changshan also takes advantage of the opportunity of people returning home during the Spring Festival to actively carry out the activity of “grid to households and post delivery” in villages (communes), creating a “through train” for enterprises to connect with rural labor force.”At the beginning of the year, the number of orders continued to increase, the demand for employment is urgent, we organize our own manpower to recruit people everywhere, but the effect is general, thanks to the timely intervention of the county market supervision bureau cadres, accurate provision of ‘send people to post’ service, to help us solve the urgent need.”Changshan county medicine limited company deputy general manager Zhou Ming said happily.On January 28, li Hong, chief of the department of supervision and management of medicine, medical devices and cosmetics of the county Market Supervision Bureau, came to the economic development zone and carried out the activity of “I recommend a member of the enterprise”.After learning that Changshan County Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is in urgent need of recruiting two drug practitioners, Li Hong immediately mobilized the working group and friends and relatives circle to accurately find two qualified personnel for the enterprise, and successfully entered the job.For early spring after the recruitment, recruitment “paved the way,” power to achieve “good start” in the first quarter, January 21, dichroa organ of the county party committee organization department launched the county units into one “I commend for the enterprise” activities, and actively organize the county party members and cadres “one to one” into the enterprise service job, in the form of a people commend “one” to help companies hire problem.Since the launch of the activity, it has helped 73 enterprises to retain and recruit workers around the Spring Festival, and reached the initial intention of more than 600 people.Not only that, Changshan also prepared a variety of warm activities to send more “mother family” care to enterprises and employees.Reporter: Zheng Yuehong Editor: Jiang Qi