I lost my memory during training due to a bump!Behind “making history” is an unimaginable effort

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Yan Wengang clocked 4 minutes 01.77 seconds to win the bronze medal in the men’s skeleton bobsleigh at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 11, creating a historic breakthrough for Chinese athletes in this event.In October 2015, the Chinese skeleton sled team was officially formed. All the members were selected by cross-disciplines and did not even know what the skeleton sled was.In less than six and a half years, Starting from zero, Chinese athletes in this extreme sport known as F1 in snow and ice have reached the podium of the Winter Olympics.How did they create “China speed”?Behind this, what efforts did the team make?How much effort is involved?Yan Wengang of China celebrates after the match on Feb 11.Draped in the National flag and holding his bronze medal, Yan wengang posed for a photo with the celebrating crowd. “It would have been better if it had been a gold medal,” he said.Actually, I wanted a gold medal!We’ve done over 500 trips here on the clock before and know the track like a book.”Back in the summer of 2015, 121 athletes from all over the country came to Yanqing, Beijing, to participate in the selection test. Finally, five men and five women were selected.Geng wenqiang, Yan Wengang and Yin Zheng, who joined the team later, all moved from track and field to skeleton bobsled and have since gone from summer to winter Olympians.Zhang Peimeng, the former 100-meter sprinter, also turned to steel frame snowmobile after retirement.The progress of China’s steel sled can be said to be achieved bit by bit.In January 2016, just two months after the team was formed, the Chinese team took part in an international invitational steel bobsled competition in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where Geng Wenqiang, who had trained for more than two months, won the bronze medal.Geng Wenqiang finished 13th in pyeongchang, the first Time China has competed in the Winter Olympics, creating the best result ever for a Chinese steel-frame bobsled at a Winter Olympics.Entering the Cycle of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, China’s steel frame bobsled continues to “go out and invite in” and actively participate in international events.On January 11, 2020, Geng Wenqiang won his first World Cup podium in this event after finishing third in the IAF Steel Bobsled World Cup in La Planne, France.Geng made history last November when he won China’s first championship at the 2021-2022 Skeleton Bobsled World Cup with a total time of 1 minute 46.04 seconds.Yan Wengang of China takes part in the competition on Feb 11.Steel-frame bobsleigh is a sport in which athletes dive down an ice-covered track with a drop of more than 100 meters while lying flat on their stomach at a top speed of over 130 kilometers.The skater has no steering wheel, no brakes, and only a slight shake of the body to control the direction.He was twice disqualified from the Winter Olympics for being too dangerous.From Geng Wenqiang to Yan Wengang to Yin Zheng, they all mentioned concussions caused by collisions during training and suffered memory loss symptoms at one point.Captain Geng Wenqiang recalled that at first he repeatedly asked to quit the national team, but several of them eventually persevered.Let The Chinese steel snow team to the Winter Olympics confidence so firm, is sitting in the home competition confidence.To this end, the team organized four rounds of trials before the Winter Olympic Games, the players can only pass four rounds of competition, to decide who can represent the Chinese team.Geng Wenqiang, who made history by winning a gold medal in the World Cup, lost to Yin Zheng and Yan Wengang in the trials and was disqualified for the Winter Olympics.When the list was released, the world was surprised, even sparking speculation that something was wrong with Geng himself.But in fact, this just reflects the talent thickness of China’s steel snow team, the internal competition is very fierce.Wearing his Olympic bronze medal around his neck, Yan is still complaining about himself: “I have slipped on the clock more than 500 times. I never made so many mistakes before.Before today’s race, I kept telling myself not to worry, that no one from any other country had ridden this track that much, but I knew it like the back of my hand.”Yan’s criticism is justified. Bobsledders have an advantage at home because of their familiarity with the track, as evidenced by South Korea’s Yoon Sung-bin’s victory in Pyeongchang four years ago.Of course, the host’s familiarity with the track is only an objective advantage. What really makes China’s steel-frame bobsled take off is not only the athletes’ hard work, but also the scientific training and technological assistance.Yan Wengang of China celebrates after the match on Feb 11.”We thank the country and the team for investing so much to solve a series of problems and create very good training conditions and environment for us,” Yan said after winning the bronze medal.In fact, since its inception, China Steel frame snow team has clearly defined the strategy of “come in, go out”. High-level foreign teachers bring new ideas and new concepts for the development of the project, and scientific training after continuous training in international competitions is the only way to improve the level.The German head coach Schmidt and his assistants have rich coaching experience, and they get along with the team members and gain full trust.In addition, China steel frame snow team attaches great importance to the use of science and technology to improve the performance of the team members.At the National Bobsled Center, there is an auxiliary facility called the igloo, a training facility that can be used for training courses from summer to winter.Players training here for a long time, improve the start stage of the technical details, starting from the digital camera to capture correct athletes technology, to use wind tunnel to help athletes to find your minimum wind resistance profile on snow machines and technology to help Chinese athletes in a short period of time to master the most effective technique, and muscle memory is formed.Yan Wengang of China competes in Beijing, Feb 11, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Fei photo can be said to boost the speed of China’s steel snow team has formed a joint force.For example, Li Bo, a professor at the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture at Beijing Jiaotong University, conducted several wind resistance tests for the Chinese team.A 10% reduction in wind resistance can improve performance by 1%.With the benefit of technology and the hard training of the athletes, the confidence of the Chinese steel frame snow team has been gradually improved, and it has realized the wish of standing on the podium in the Winter Olympics.The two German gold and silver medalists, Christoph and Jung, came from a strong German team.Speaking about the Chinese skeleton snow team, both men said they were envious of the good training conditions for Chinese athletes. “The track condition is very good, and their team is very strong, from service to equipment, which has helped the Chinese team grow rapidly.”Reprint: Xinhua Daily Telegraph Editor: Su Zhan Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.