Big data of preschool education | Wokelek Morning check robot builds “health central System” of kindergarten

2022-04-25 0 By

With the continuous advancement of education + Internet technology, artificial AI intelligence and big data will become the norm of the whole society.Many cities have put education upgrading on the agenda.For example, Shanghai preschool education system is taking “digital transformation” as the catalyst, focusing on the construction of “normal monitoring of children’s health”, “scientific parenting guidance and accurate service” and other application scenarios to promote preschool education resources and services of better quality.Smart Health Hardware Wokelek is a happy technology company that builds a “health center system” for educational systems such as kindergartens.As early as 2015, the company set its sights on the field of children’s health.Pioneering the concept of “artificial intelligence morning check”, relying on a strong team of experts and technical accumulation, continuous innovation, continuous upgrading, has launched positioning morning check robot Wochacha, non-contact morning check robot Hongbaoshi, all-round campus robot Wobao and other excellent products.Each vAKerec morning test robot adopts special bacteriostatic material and the unique “Tuppeng” AI algorithm of Vakerec, which can detect the four morning test items of mouth, hand, eye and temperature in 3 seconds and accurately identify 20+ abnormal signs with an accuracy rate up to 99.7%.The emergence of the morning examination robot, it to medical science and technology sensor technology and artificial intelligence image symptoms recognition as the core technology, breakthrough improved the work efficiency and screening scope of the morning examination;At the same time, compared with traditional morning check-up, intelligent screening criteria are more rigorous and objective.At the same time, Wokelek morning check robot also has a supporting campus health management platform.After the morning check-up, the Wokelek morning check-up robot will timely transfer the children’s morning check-up and check-in data to the cloud for recording, storage and analysis, and send them to the corresponding children’s parents, teachers and principals through the terminal.With a mobile phone, parents can master the dynamic campus health information in real time, including check-in calendar, morning check calendar, daily report in the campus, health code, leave application, campus notice, class circle, campus recipes and other functions.Wokorek morning check-up robot effectively solves the pain points of morning check-up in kindergartens, improves the non-standard form of the current morning check-up in kindergartens, and avoids the risk of secondary infection of epidemic diseases.The government can also use the big data platform to grasp the physical health status of all the children in kindergartens within its jurisdiction in real time and give a real-time warning.