Australian officials came anyway

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Despite Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s declaration that he would not send officials to the Beijing Olympics, not all Australian officials are on board.Three Australian government officials have rejected the country’s boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics and travelled to China to watch the opening ceremony, speed skating, figure skating and platform jumping, the Australian reported on February 18.The three officials, two from Brisbane City Council and a key official from the Queensland Premier’s office, spent a total of 10 days in Beijing.The trio are part of the IOC’s “official observation programme”, which aims to learn about the problems of hosting the Games in Beijing in preparation for the 2032 Brisbane Games.Kerry Peterson, deputy head of the 2032 Task Force in the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet Affairs, Colin Jensen, chief executive of Brisbane City Council, and Diane Curry, chief planning officer, will be the three Australian officials attending the Beijing Games, the Australian reported.A total of three people stayed in Beijing for ten days, and quite a busy schedule, not only to watch the Olympics opening ceremony, speed skating, figure skating, and a big platform game, but also learn pick up matters, personnel training and operations, transportation, accommodations, security, data, and the doping test, Olympic brand image, the audience experience and so on.The report said the trio were part of the IOC’s Official Observe Program, which aims to bring officials from prospective Olympic host cities into contact with the host city to learn about a range of problems they might face in hosting the Games.On July 21 last year, the 138th session of the International Olympic Committee announced that Brisbane, Australia, the host city of the 2032 Summer Olympic Games, was the first city recommended by the IOC after the establishment of the “Olympic Venue Commission”.Brisbane Queensland Australia photo source: visual China reported that although the three officials refused to attend the Beijing Olympics through interviews, Brisbane city council, said the “official observation project” including contact with the international Olympic committee (ioc) executive, other host city of the future, and to participate in seminars and visit the Olympic venues.The Brisbane City Council also said it had spent about A $33,000 on the trip for Officials Jansen and Currie “and as host city, Brisbane City Council has made this investment to ensure Brisbane is the best city to host the 2032 Games”.However, the IOC said it was paying for the trip because Brisbane is now a member of the Olympic family and because it wants to invest with partners to improve understanding of the Olympics.Ioc deputy director Chris Payne said the “official Watch Program” is about information management, knowledge learning and development to help future organizing committees plan.”This will help with some very big early decisions that Brisbane will be making in 2032.””They get to know the essence of the Olympics,” Mr. Payne said.On February 4, 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony photo source: visual China reported that quite a few politicians are actually originally plans to travel to the games in Beijing, but with the Australian government in December last year to join the United States, Canada, Britain refused to send officials to participate in the Beijing Olympics team, after they were forced to terminate itinerary.On December 8 last year, Australian Prime Minister Morrison publicly announced that Australia would follow the United States and not send officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Morrison also linked the decision to Australia’s desire to reopen diplomatic channels with China to discuss so-called Xinjiang-related issues and Australian goods exports to China.On the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press briefing that China has repeatedly reiterated that the Winter Olympics are not a stage for political show and manipulation.China has not invited any Australian government officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics.Whether they come or not, no one will care.The publicity stunt by Australian politicians out of selfish political interests will have no impact on Beijing’s success in hosting the Winter Olympics.Net source | observer