What is the name of white deer?What are the representative works of white Deer?

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Bai Luyuan’s name is Bai Mengyan.White Deer is a sweet looking actress, but her plasticity is very strong, can play the kind of women who dare to love and hate, also can play the ancient women’s amorous feelings, she is a very good actress acting, both acting and appearance level.If you watch her TV series, you will find that she brings out the characteristics of the character in each series, and she has different feelings for different characters, so she can bring the character to life.Of course, White deer in real life is also a very cute little sister, she will dance will sing will also act, is really a very attracted miss, if you have seen her participate in the variety show, you will find her funny talent is great, and her laughter can especially infect people.What are the representative works of white Deer?White Deer’s representative works are “Fire Academy” “Half Honey half Hurt” “swagger” “The world owes me a First Love” “One Life” and so on.Every TV drama white Deer has participated in has a considerable audience rating, but it is not out of reason, because every film and TV drama contains her understanding of characters and scripts.She plays the play in the fire point brother from jun Xie Xiang, she played in the swagger that dare to love dare to hate the devil wears prada way obtrusive, she played in the “life” is tender and loving the little sister of place and so on are many audience favorite characters, if you’d like to see some nice TV series,So little Sister White Deer is in some good choices.