Uncover the history that Zhao Shaokang and Li Zhiying collude, the son of Zhao Shaokang is li Zhiying’s proud pupil unexpectedly

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Taiwan’s media industry has long been integrated with politics, forming a special symbiotic relationship.This phenomenon is not only in Taiwan Province, but also extends to the whole East Asia region.Zhao is a well-known media tycoon on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and the leader of what is now the largest faction of the KUOMINTANG, the “Fighting Blue”.His eloquence on both sides of the Strait once had a high popularity, but in recent years, Zhao Shaokang repeatedly in the media programs for the mainland, nonsense.Chief among them is to exonerate Lai Chi-ying, the ringleader of Hong Kong’s troubles.Mr Lai and Mr Chiu are close friends. Both are media tycoons in East Asia. Mr Chiu’s son, Mr Chiu Da Kai, was Mr Lai’s favourite protege.Lai created havoc in Hong Kong that severely hurt Both Hong Kong and the mainland, but Chiu Siu Kang ignored it all.Let me tell you how it is.History of collusion between Li Zhiying and Zhao Shaokang Li Zhiying and Zhao Shaokang’s background is very different, Li Zhiying was born in a poor family in Guangzhou, in order to take care of his younger brother and sister had to do odd jobs around.When he was 9 years old, he was carrying luggage for a Hong Kong tourist, who gave him a piece of chocolate as a reward.Having tasted the sweet taste of chocolate for the first time, Lai was deeply attracted by the food and regarded Hong Kong as “heaven on earth”.A few years later, Mr. Lai sneaked away to Hong Kong and slowly established himself as a slave laborer.Later, because of his smart mind, he was able to work for a sales company, and a few years later, he started his own brand.Zhao, on the other hand, was an elite student who went to Clemson University in the United States with a high scholarship and was once a political star in Taiwan.One is a self-made businessman who has worked his way up from the bottom of Hong Kong’s pecking order; the other is a well-fed and powerful politician in Taiwan.The two should have nothing to do with each other, and it is the media world that connects them.Lai chi-ying, who started from nothing, ushered in an unprecedented prosperity in the East Asian film industry in the 1980s and 1990s, which was called the “golden generation”.The film and television industry and media industry of Hong Kong and Taiwan have attracted a large number of funds to stay here, and also created one after another “wealth myth”.Sanli TV station in Taiwan was founded at this time and earned a lot of money.Mr Chao retired from politics after losing a bid for Taipei mayor in 1994 to pursue a career in the media industry.Chao received 424,900 votes, or more than 30 percent, in the 1994 Taipei mayoral election and was eligible for election subsidies.The money, along with donations received during the campaign, went into Zhao’s pocket.As the founder of the new party, Zhao Shaokang also took away the “New Hope radio” specially applied for the new party, and founded UFO radio on this basis.It was Zhao’s first media venture, and in 1999 he expanded it with the purchase of the national Broadcasting Station of Chang Jun-hong, a veteran of the Democratic Progressive Party.In 2005, Zhao shaokang’s commercial tentacle entered Hong Kong and hosted the column “News hacker Zhao Shaokang” on Phoenix SATELLITE TV’s information station. It was around 2000 that Zhao Shaokang met Lai Zhiying in Hong Kong.Chiu Sio-kang, the political golden boy, founded Apple Daily in 1995 and expanded it to Taiwan in 2003.He and zhao Shaokang, also a media tycoon, have crossed paths and, according to current information, have a close personal relationship.According to today’s weekly, a well-known Taiwanese financial magazine, Lai is not only a close friend of Zhao, but also zhao’s son, Zhao Da Kai, is lai’s favorite protege and once received special guidance from Lai on investment.Zhao Was born in 1990 to Zhao Shaokang and his wife Liang Lei.Liang lei, a former reporter for VisionChina, retired from the scene after marrying Zhao Shaokang in 1988.Zhao has been interested in investment and calculation since childhood. According to zhao, “Even when I went to a convenience store to buy potato chips, I would carefully calculate the number of grams in each packet and how much would it cost per gram?To decide which one is the best deal.”After entering university, Mr Zhao often spent his holidays studying investment and business with Mr Lai, who praised him for having “a good sense of investment”.It is alleged that young Zhao Dakai persuaded Zhao shaokang to buy shares of Apple Group in the United States around 2006. Zhao shaokang bought the shares at $54 and sold them at $60 without Zhao’s knowledge.A few years later, When Apple’s stock price hit $400, Zhao was wringing his hands.After graduation, Zhao interned at Barclays Investment banking before returning to Taiwan to work as an assistant to Lai Shi-bao, a representative of the Kuomintang legislature. Zhao seems to want to work in both political and business circles.Mr. Lai was a good investor and Mr. Chao himself became a columnist for Apple Daily in Taiwan.Since around 2006, Zhao has regularly published articles in Apple Daily, and the topics are not limited to politics and people’s livelihood.Zhao Shaokang’s personal thoughts, anecdotes of his own life, social news in Taiwan, anecdotes of Taiwan politics and so on have all become the contents of zhao Shaokang’s pages.This shows that “Apple Daily” for Zhao Shaokang does not have the content and subject matter requirements, as long as zhao Shaokang to receive all.On February 6, 2009, Zhao Shaokang published an article titled “Zhao Shaokang:” Unequal, Unsparing and Indifferent “also has positive spirit in Apple Daily.The whole content is zhao Shaokang met an engineer who was born in Taiwan Province and later worked in Silicon Valley in the United States on the plane, and they talked about their life.The full text is running account type statement and fragmentary discussion and comprehension, let a person unintelligible.Apple Daily is a tabloid media, and this kind of dry article doesn’t buy anything. The only thing that makes it special is zhao Shaokang.The fact that such an article could be reported, according to the general rules of the news media, is a natural indication of Mr. Zhao’s influence inside Apple Daily.Just as the so-called “come but not go back”, Zhao Shaokang has also invited Lai Zhiying to be interviewed in Taiwan island TV interview program “Villagers to Chong Kang”, the relationship between the two people is self-evident.Zhao Shaokang invited Li Zhiying why zhao Shaokang for Li Zhiying’s defense Although Zhao Shaokang and Li Zhiying are very intimate, but has been in private, official business is normal and did not deliberately pull each other.But as Hong Kong was roiled by rebels like Mr. Lai, Mr. Chao’s tone and attitude began to get weird.He not only exonerates lai Chi-ying and other rebels on many political programs, but also blames the Mainland for many times.Especially after Lai zhiying was taken into custody, Zhao Shao-kang’s attitude can be said to be angry and angry, without considering the neutrality and decency of the media.On New Year’s Eve of 2021, Zhao Shaokang published a statement on the media platform to exonerate Lai.”We call on the Beijing and Hong Kong governments to let Lai go home for Chinese New Year,” he said. “Chinese New Year is very important for Hong Kong people and Chinese people. He should not be kept in a cold detention center.”As a journalist and a good friend of Mr Lai, Mr Chiu must have known that Mr Lai had created chaos in Hong Kong and was behind much of the violence.Among the chaos in Hong Kong was the death of an elderly cleaner, Mr Law, who would never see the new spring.What qualifies Lai Chi-ying, the culprit, to go home for Chinese New Year?Not to mention that everyone is equal before the law, once entered the legal process must be in accordance with the procedures of the law, anyone is no exception.Lai Zhiying arrested people why zhao Shaokang so hard for Lai Zhiying publicity, on the one hand because of the damage.Zhao Shaokang uses media platform, stir the storm in cross-strait do not know also ever made how many waves.In a series of events in recent years, Zhao Shaokang exactly played what kind of role, I’m afraid only he knows.He saw the end of Lai Zhiying, unavoidably for their own pinch a cold sweat, desperately behind the voice is not only for Lai Zhiying speak for themselves.At the same time, Lai chi-ying is also a figure in Taiwan island for many years, political and business connections complex.Lai zhiying has a mansion of more than 10,000 square meters near Yangming Mountain in Taipei city, Taiwan Province, with a quiet and elegant environment and extremely strict security measures.On his regular visits to Taiwan, Mr. Lai meets with Taiwan’s top political figures here.Mr. Lai bought the mansion in 2015, and Ms. Tsai was its first visitor.At that time, Tsai Ing-wen had not officially taken office, but the popularity was already strong.After Ms Tsai, lai Ching-de, the kings-in-store of the pro-independence camp, Eric Chu, a representative of the nationalist Party’s youthful wing, and zhao Shao-kang, a media tycoon, are all regular visitors to the mansion.The answer seems to have been given to why Mr Zhao worked so hard to protect Mr Lai.As media tycoons, if lai zhiying and Zhao Shaokang do business in a respectful manner and talk about friendship honestly, then no matter how much contact they have, they will never cause any controversy.But Lai chi-ying as a series of chaos in Hong Kong behind the black hand, Zhao Shao-kang for its continuous support, publicity, its intentions are worth exploring.As a media person, Zhao Shaokang has much more information than ordinary people, and he knows the evil forces behind Lai Zhiying.However, he did not stand on the intellectual and rational point of view, regardless of right and wrong for Lai Zhiying escort.In fact, there is another purpose behind this is to curry favor with the American forces behind Lai.After many times of bottomless excuses and protection, Zhao Shaokang was called “Li Shaokang” by the public, and Lai Zhiying himself also paid the price for what he had done.History has proved once again that traitors who dare to collude with external forces to destabilize their motherland will inevitably come to a bad end.Zhao Shaokang in the 90 s political life, the heart is the media industry lavish fans.In today’s media world, it is the political prestige that is on the mind, and this is the kind of person that “appetite gullies.”Although Zhao Shaokang is eloquent, but he likes to deceive others and is more prone to loose talk.You can’t trust people who like to “talk the hell out of everybody’s mouth” because there is no honesty in what they say.Saying good things about the mainland does not make you a friend of the mainland.Speaking ill of Taiwan independence forces does not mean they are enemies of Taiwan independence forces.Taiwan has always been known as “fraud island”. We should not only listen to what they say and do, but also look at them from a macro and long-term historical perspective.If more than ten years consistent center of the earth to the light, it is worth our real trust.Strong grass withstands high winds; true gold is the test of fire.