The Only One Is Green!Behind is the “out of circle” and “inside roll” of the national trend

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Last night, the poetic dance drama “Only This Green” was staged in the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger by the China Media Group. Meanwhile, sanxingdui’s creative dance “Golden Face” also appeared in the Gala.The innovative program, which combines the fine traditional Chinese culture with the aesthetic pursuit of The Times, left a deep impression on everyone.In recent years, there are more and more Chinese dance programs that have won acclaim.Why on earth is this category getting more and more playable?How to revitalize traditional cultural IP in the new era?According to CCTV news, “The Only Green” was inspired by “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains.”A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains is one of the ten most famous Chinese paintings. It was painted in half a year by Wang Ximeng, a painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, when he was 18.Different from black and white ink paintings, this painting is named because it is painted with mineral pigments of bluestone green. The gorgeous bluestone colors interweave to depict the magnificent tapestry of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.”A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” part of the whole dance poem drama to “scroll, ask seal script, sing silk, looking for stone, brush learning, ink, painting” chapter for the program, tells the story of a young researcher in the Palace Museum “through” back to the Northern Song Dynasty, “scroll” perspective, “see” the painter Wang Ximeng creation of “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” story.At the same time, Sanxingdui creative dance “Golden Face” also performed in the Spring Festival Gala, stunning appearance.It is understood that the creative dance “Golden Face” draws new inspiration and creative elements from sanxingdui civilization. In the form of love dance, it tells a romantic love story full of suspense and poetry, showing the Chinese nation’s beautiful yearning for a happy life.This program is planned and directed by yu Baimei, a film director, and choreographed by Yang Liping. It adopts cinematic shooting methods, CG design and production + optical motion capture technology, and presents a romantic, mysterious and aesthetic visual feast for the audience.Creative dance “Golden Face” and another show that has attracted the attention of young netizens is landscape tai chi “Running Clouds and Flowing Water”.Martial arts is a tradition, and what kind of spark will it arouse when it collides with the steel forest of the modern city?At the highest point of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, the movements of the three martial arts masters are both firm and soft. They open and close in an orderly way.In addition, there are creative music, dance, poetry and painting “Memory of Jiangnan”, original ecological scene performance “Song of the Land”, martial arts short drama “Breast Tiger Roaring Spring”, music short drama “Spring in all Things”, children’s dance “Star Dream” and other works.They show the beauty of history, mountains and rivers and culture from different aspects.In the past two years, Chinese songs and dances have gradually become the trend of evening parties, and the fusion of traditional culture and the trend of the new era has become the new trend of variety show production.The new form of “Culture + variety” has also gained recognition from more audiences.Last year, The Spring Festival Gala of Henan SATELLITE TV became popular with the Banquet at Tang Palace, and successively launched the series of “Wonderful Tour” in festivals such as Qingming Festival, Yuanxiao Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. The classical dance works “Pray for Underwater dance” and “Return of Crane” went out of circles one after another, which made netizens call “Henan SATELLITE TV has gone crazy”.Henan SATELLITE TV’s series of folk songs and dances have entered the process of IP image commercialization.In February last year, “Tang Palace Banquet” launched an official joint literary creation, “Little Sister Tang” and other IP images have appeared;In September, the official animation VERSION of IP image was released;In December, 4 digital cultural and creative collections will be launched.In the second half of the year, henan TV cooperated with B station’s variety show “Dance for a Thousand Years”, which also gained 8.8 points on Douban.Henan SATELLITE TV is one step ahead, and other parties have already rolled up on the national wind road.Last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Shaanxi SATELLITE TV and Hunan Satellite TV combined the local characteristics of bowl music, Orange Island and other programs, such as “Peach Blossom Notes” and “Jing Meng”.Across the university a month ago, party B station poetic drama stage only the green passage, huai UP main show, sichuan satellite TV “charm and romantic of the New Year concert” opening big xiu “across time and space to meet you,” symphony orchestra, electric collision with restoring ancient Musical Instruments in the tang dynasty, this play “the king of glory game music, realize” fun “of Chinese and western and the ancient and modern” fun “.In addition, henan SATELLITE TV and B station jointly created the dance variety “Dance Millennium” is a “drama + drama” performance way, series of Chinese stories in dance.This variety show uses the narrative technique of film and television drama to create distinct character images, so that history and culture are presented in the form of dance, and on this basis, the story behind the dance is explored.Dance and story unite and connect with each other.Earlier, Guangdong SATELLITE TV launched a large-scale acrobatic program called “Acrobatics, dance, martial arts and Traditional Chinese music” in the form of cultural fusion, with high-tech choreography and VR immersion experience, also presented an acrobatic audio-visual feast to the audience.Revitalizing traditional culture IP concept is blossoming everywhere nowadays, “consumption upgrade” is mushrooming, IP concept is blossoming everywhere.In November 2020, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Digital Cultural Industry, introducing the concept of IP, proposing to “cultivate and shape a batch of original IP with distinctive Chinese cultural characteristics, strengthen IP development and transformation,Make full use of animation games, online literature, online music, online performance, online video, digital art, creative design and other industrial forms to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Excellent Traditional Chinese culture “.Under the guidance of such policies, in recent years, on the road of IP development practice of traditional culture, there have emerged a number of typical: “Tang Palace Banquet”, “National Treasure” and other traditional cultural programs wow netizens, the Palace Museum, Dunhuang and other countries chao cultural IP to make life more artistic style……Experts generally believe that IP is the essence of culture accumulated to a certain level, with a complete world outlook, values, and its own vitality.Circle at that time, literature and art circle, the circle game, film in the coveted “IP” at the same time, more focused attention on the “base” of Chinese excellent traditional culture resources, if the slow step, lost will not be the theme of IP, IP instead of traditional culture behind the huge consumer market potential and a strong purchasing power.Similarly, the full use of digital means such as network literature, animation, film and TV series, games and e-sports to promote traditional cultural resources to form more popular cultural symbols in the existing cultural industry chain, namely IP, is also conducive to the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.Many people say that now, the “spring” of Chinese excellent traditional culture IP has come.However, how to better revitalize the traditional culture in the new era needs further exploration…Material sources: CCTV News, Jiemian News, Beijing Youth Daily, National Economic News, China Culture Daily, Elephant News