The Chinese women’s football team defeated the South Korean women’s football team to reach the top of Asia again after 16 years.

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The Chinese women’s football team defeated the South Korean women’s football team to reach the top of Asia for the first time in 16 years. Here is the score for the main position of the women’s football team (out of 10, 6 is the lowest).On the face of south Korean women’s menacing, plus a semi-final spell the full 120 minutes, the players’ physical strength not fully recovered, ShuiQingXia guidance highlights the ball, so let’s possession far far more than the other in the first half, but the opponent scored twice in the space the opportunity, 2-0 behind, in the face of adverse chance, who knows adjusted break?Vian lineup, because king frost injury not fully recovered by giuseppe Zhang Linyan substituted, it is a meal replacement has produced five minutes in the second half even after two goals, have to say that ShuiQingXia guidance for field control, for substitution timing control, the adjustment of the state of the players, familiar with the state of the player, it is jia guidance can’t than!Zhu Yu: 10 points!After the first match after two penalty saved, magic play this game came, after the south Korean women’s 27 minutes to break the deadlock, 30 minutes, south Korean women’s football to obtain the right of free kick opportunity, all to the door, south Korean women’s close range header by reflexes brownjohn j m magic saved the ball, to avoid the 4-1 defeat to expand, the 90th minute,Another fantastic save in front of the goal to deny Korea a close shot, so it can be said that Zhu yu saved the team again, zhu Yu did not have much to do with the two goals.Zhang Xin: nine points!Very active, also very positive, the opening less than a minute to create a formula, the ninth minute to try a long shot, unfortunately failed to hit the target Wang Shanshan: 9.5 points!She continued to play as a central defender in the first half and moved forward in the second half. It was hard for Wang Shanshan to feel tired after playing for 120 minutes in the last game. Her physical strength and willpower after nine goals are really amazing!The 93rd minute direct pass assists Xiao Yuyi to kill opponent!Wang Shuang: 6 points!In the 10th minute, the push shot from the penalty area line did not hit the power. Due to the opponent’s key marking, many chances could only be passed back, but his teammates did not get a good shot opportunity. The injury still had a great impact on Wang Shuang’s performance.Lou Jiahui: 6 points!Veteran Lou Jiahui was injured last game, this game can play is already a very magical thing, so we can not have too much demanding of Lou Jiahui’s performance, although in 45 minutes a return error led to the goal, but we still want to give her the highest respect!Wu Chengshu: 8 points!In the 22nd minute, he went down after making contact with his opponent from the right, but the Australian referee did not give any indication that the goal should technically have been a penalty.Yao Lingwei: six points!Lou Jiahui gave South Korea a penalty kick in the 45th minute when yao Lingwei went down to save the ball and the ball hit yao’s arm in the penalty area.Scarlett Tang: Ten!As the center in the first half, Tang Jiali returned the ball many times and defended many times. She covered the whole court. She scored a penalty in the second half and then assisted Zhang Linyan to help The Chinese women’s football team equalize within five minutes.Zhang Linyan: 10 points!Personal skills are very outstanding, take the ball, protect the ball is very stable, in the field performance is not a teenager, create a penalty kick, but also scored a goal!Xiao Yuyi: 10 points!The benefit of the substitute is very positive, in the 93rd minute, the goal, the opponent, set the first goal!