South Koreans can’t afford to lose. What does sweeping the podium imply?

2022-04-24 0 By

South Koreans can’t afford to lose!To wipe the podium while receiving the award!Men’s speed skating 500 meters award ceremony, the second South Korean player Che Min-kyu, before accepting the award, wiped the podium with his hands.500 meters speed skating is divided into 15 groups, two people race, completely depends on the speed of the victory, there is no wrong judgment, misjudgment, it is a race without any controversy.Why wipe the podium to insult China?A sore loser!China’s Gao Tingyu was the undisputed winner in an Olympic record time of 34.32 seconds.Since the Current Winter Olympic Games, The South Korean media deliberately hyped the referee favoritism of the Chinese team, but from the start of the competition to now, any gold medal of the Chinese team is won by their own strength.The judgment is fair, objective and well-founded!The last Winter Olympics, in Pyeongchang, South Korea, were the dirtiest.The Canadian short-track team, which skated unhappily in Pyeongchang, tied with The Chinese short-track team for the most fouls with nine.For the “home whistle” of the host South Korea, the Canadian men’s team awarded flowers after the game, quite meaningful to make a collective action – cleaning the podium.