Pregnant, obviously is happy thing, why woman fan man dozens of box on the ear?

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On January 20, at the gate of a clinic in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, a sad thing happened that resonated with many young people because it was about pregnancy and childbirth, a topic that many newly married families could not avoid talking about.In the video, a woman walks out of the doorway of the clinic, gets on the bus and then slaps a male driver in the car, repeatedly hitting him in the face, while the woman screams hysterically, “I asked you to take safety measures. You said it’s ok, you only care about your own comfort, what should I do this time”.Easy doesn’t exist in the adult world.And in life, if something unexpected happens, it may disrupt the rhythm, or even collapse because of a little thing, perhaps an accident, is the straw that breaks the camel’s back sometimes.Pregnancy may be the biggest fear among young people, especially lovers.Some netizens guess that they should not be husband and wife, if it is husband and wife, should not be so excited, because the husband and wife can not be so heavy hand, even if accidentally pregnant, also won’t face her husband more than ten box on the face.Some people say that if you meet a man who doesn’t fight back, you should marry him. It shows that he loves you.Either way, we are all thinking that even though the country has allowed three children, there are still so many young people who do not want to have children.They really do not want it, is afraid to give birth to baby ah!High mortgage car loan, huge education cost, busy work, high pace of life, how dare to have a baby, no financial support, no time to take care of.Who don’t want their children born can have a better starting point, after all, the competitiveness is so big now.Why are women worried about having babies these days?Throughout pregnancy, our greatest desire is to meet our children.What we fear is the process of birth.To be more specific, we are afraid of pain.Isn’t it?Afraid of contractions.Afraid of the pain when the fetus is delivered.Fear of the unknown.Like, what if something happens along the way?Or the pain after giving birth.Such as breastfeeding, such as wound recovery and so on.You know, in ancient times, giving birth to a child was an absolute adventure, maybe even a death sentence.And after having a baby, it’s harder for a woman to find a suitable job, possibly interrupting her career because of pregnancy and childbirth.Also afraid of their baby after the birth, fat spiralling out of control, it is difficult to restore to the previous figure.Although pregnancy brings happiness and anticipation for many, there is no denying that mothers can experience anxiety, irritability, irritability, depression and other emotions at various stages of pregnancy and postpartum.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to experience a lot of physical changes and discomfort, there are also mothers may worry about the development of the fetus, as well as the baby after birth care problems and time arrangements and feel anxious, even depression.Around 9% to 24% of women worldwide experience depression during pregnancy, according to the literature.One in three women with one or more children may be affected by pelvic floor prolapse.Prolapse can occur soon after pregnancy or childbirth, or many years later.But pregnant women, because of these reasons will become angry.A colleague confided that his wounds were inflicted by his wife.He said that his wife was usually quite gentle, but when she was pregnant, she became irritable and easily lost her temper.There are pregnant women 6 weeks, the first two days and husband quarrel, emotional very excited, his own dozen slap in the face, crying out of breath.Experts said that the first three months of pregnant mother’s mood will affect the baby, but once in a while should be fine, or learn to adjust their own, on time.However, the arrival of a baby will make many mothers who choose to become mothers feel happy and fulfilled.It will also make you feel more fulfilled and give you a deeper concern for the world.So really pregnant also please put down the anxiety, to think clearly, the child is to do or not, do not want to do the best stream of people, if you want to take good care of the fetus, give birth to a healthy baby.Pregnancy is a pain that can only be experienced, not experienced by men.All moms are heroes and worthy of respect.Now we can live in this world, experience all the ups and downs, all because of the great mothers.Women want to have children, but the fear of widowhood parenting can be devastating.The most afraid of women is not the pain of giving birth to children, they are most afraid of is that we narrowly escaped death, you are light, I suffered all the torture, you have a face of indifference.By contrast, you can probably understand young women’s concerns about fertility.All pregnant women deserve to be respected!Why do you think women slap men when they find out they are pregnant?What is their relationship? 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