Pei Minshan, torchbearer: This is the affirmation of transportation builders

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“To be able to carry the torch for the Winter Olympic Games is an affirmation of China Communications Group and the vast number of Chinese transportation builders!”Pei Minshan feels honored to be the torch bearer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.⚪ torchbearer Pei Minshan during the torch relay.In August 1992, Pei Minshan, who graduated from southeast University majoring in highway and urban Road Engineering, came to work in the Highway Planning and Design Institute of ministry of Communications, starting his 30-year road transportation career.Pei minshan is now a member of the CPC Standing Committee and deputy general manager of China Communications Construction Group.As the only “Double Olympic City” in the world, Beijing ushered in the appointment of ice and snow with the world. By hosting the Winter Olympic Games, Beijing not only showed the myriad meteorological features of China’s vigorous development, but also showed the powerful strength of China’s transportation construction.As a transportation person, Pei Minshan has been actively involved in the preparations for the Winter Olympic Games with the builders of China Communications Group in the past few years, focusing on helping the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, implementing the requirements of “simple, safe and wonderful”, giving full play to the advantages of the main business.It has participated in 18 supporting infrastructure construction projects, including the National Alpine Skiing Center, the “Ice Ribbon” creative light show at the National Speed Skating Hall, and yanzhonghao Expressway.With the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, Pei Minshan was very proud and excited when he saw the alpine ski center built by China Communications Group like a white dragon walking through the mountains, the National Speed Skating Hall showing the beautiful dancing effect of ice ribbons, and Yanjungsu providing convenient transportation services for ice athletes.The torch relay, what did it carry?The burning Olympic torch in Pei Minshan’s hands not only conveys love, sincerity and civilization, but also conveys the hardworking and striving spirit of generations of traffic workers.Looking back on the extraordinary years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China over the past 70 years, generations of transport builders have stayed true to their original aspiration, carried forward the “Two Roads” spirit, and made a major leap forward in China’s transport infrastructure.Looking forward to the future, on the new journey of becoming a transportation power, CCCC will practice its responsibility as a central enterprise, carry forward the spirit of struggle and make new and greater contributions to promoting the prosperity of comprehensive national strength and the development of national sports.”I sincerely wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success. I look forward to seeing athletes with passion and people of all countries join hands to usher in a bright future.”Pei minshan said.The author 丨 reporter MuShunZong Pan Sihang correspondent TanLiYa edit | | Liao Qian audit even of expediting | contribute Sun Yingli email: business: 010-65293624