Our distance from perfection

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Every one of us is imperfect.Everything we experience is imperfect.The world is not perfect.Only in certain moments can we attempt to approach perfection.Or even infinitely close.Competitive sports offer people infinite possibilities of approaching perfection.If it weren’t for perfection, yuzuru Hanyu, the two-time Olympic gold medalist in men’s singles figure skating, wouldn’t be fixated on the “Axel quadruple jump,” which is said to have a one-in-50 success rate.Even he has never done it in a race.He could have replaced it with something he knew so well, but given the choice between being champion and being perfect, he chose the latter.If it weren’t for perfection, Gu would not have chosen her unskilled left turn for the third jump of the women’s freestyle platform final, a twist she had never attempted in competition at 1,620 degrees.Luckily, she succeeded, and the result was “perfect”.If it weren’t for perfection, 24-year-old Tomo Hirano wouldn’t be performing a three-week somersault in the men’s halfpipe snowboarding arena, and our imagination of the event wouldn’t be elevated to its current dimension.In the world of competitive sports, “perfection” and “limit” can be drawn with an approximate equal sign, so the process of athletes’ pursuit of limit becomes a dialogue between imperfect individuals and the soul of the ideal world.You must remember that Isinbayeva meditated with her eyes closed before breaking the world record. From her debut to her retirement, she beat the women’s pole vault world record by 24 centimeters, centimeter by centimeter.You will remember Bolt muttering to himself as he crossed the line and set the human 100m and 200m running records at 9.58 and 19.19 seconds.In the future, someone else must surpass Isinbayeva and crush Bolt.It’s like Yuzu Hanyu taking over from Plushenko, it’s like Elena Gu coming out of the blue, it’s like Momo Hirano sending his childhood idol Shaun White off the podium — and one day, they’ll be stepping stones to something new.The distance between human and perfect, perhaps always a bolt, Gu Ailing, Yuzuru Hanyu.What is really valuable is the process and obsession of pursuing perfection.[Editor: Yao Shuai][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]