Dezhou municipal departments appoint special staff to prevent people’s demands from turning around

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“Ding ling…””Hello, this is citizen hotline, may I help you?””I took a nucleic acid test in the Second People’s Hospital of Dezhou city, but the test result did not show up in the mini program of Beijing Health Bao. Now I can’t go back to work in Beijing after the Chinese New Year. I hope it can be solved as soon as possible.”On February 7th, Mr. Cao, a citizen from Dezhou, called the 12345 citizen hotline and submitted his appeal to the transfer area of the 12345 government Service convenience hotline. The transfer staff reviewed and continued to transfer the hotline. Five minutes later, Qi Feng, a staff member of the Mass Work Department (Petition Office) of dezhou Municipal Health Commission, received the information of the hotline in the background of the system.He quickly contacted and coordinated the Department of Disease Prevention and Control, the Department of Medical Administration and Medical Management, the Municipal Health Development Center and the Second People’s Hospital to conduct process sorting and immediate feedback. Nucleic acid monitoring information was quickly reported, reviewed and transferred on provincial and national public health platforms.On the morning of August 8, Mr. Cao’s nucleic acid test report appeared on the “Beijing Healthbao” mini program.”After the establishment of specialized departments for mass work, we can directly intervene in some relatively simple businesses and no longer hand them over, saving the time of intermediate circulation.”In the field of health care has the nearly four years working experience for the convenience of hotline qifeng said, “since the end near the Spring Festival holiday, we have repeatedly received after Beijing personnel related demands, because the background of the great amount of audit, appears unavoidably delays, test report in back flow at the same time, we will be careful to do a good job of interpretation.”We must not allow the epidemic to affect people’s normal travel. This is a questionnaire we must answer when epidemic prevention and control is becoming normal.”Zhang Lingbo, who has worked on the 12345 citizen hotline for many years, said that in the past, the situation of urgent demands from the masses and slow response from the department happened from time to time. After a demand from the masses was handed over to a department, because of its wide range of involvement, it was around in nine departments.The reporter learned that although some municipal departments and units in Dezhou had been assigned the function of handling the hotline, they often took into account both of them, with high staff mobility, and the responsibility could not be clearly defined to people, which also affected the efficiency of work.In order to solve such weaknesses, Texas municipal party committee on the basis of sufficient demonstration research, “set at class, the amount of classification”, since January this year, a year in citizen hotline a quantity (including network to do) more than 1000 pieces of eight straight division, with “from a building a”, do not break through the limitation of internal institutions, optimization of integrated functional organization way, separate setting crowd nurses,Add the sign of petition office;In accordance with the principle of similar responsibilities and coordination and efficiency, 16 municipal departments and units with an annual handling capacity of more than 50 but less than 1,000 will be added to their existing internal offices with the names of mass work section and petition work office, and relevant functions will be clarified.For other departments and units with a small amount of work, it is clear that specialized departments, specially-assigned persons and special posts are responsible for serving the masses, and experienced and excellent cadres are enriched to the masses.The main responsible comrades of the units shall serve as the “first responsible persons” and promptly convene meetings of the Party Members’ Groups (Party committees) to study special topics and propose solutions to prominent problems that the masses strongly complain about.On January 18, the Organization Department of Dezhou Municipal Party Committee and the Organization Office of dezhou Municipal Party Committee jointly issued a notice, 34 municipal departments and units announced the responsibilities and contact numbers of specialized or specialized posts of mass work section (petition office). Recently, relevant departments of some counties (cities, districts) in Dezhou also set up workshops for contacting the masses or defined special posts.Texas municipal party committee, said Chen Xiuhe, director of the public to set up the masses nurses, is to “head” overall responsibility under the premise of establishing joint liaison, subject to accept, flow solution, comprehensive analysis, information disclosure, review review, analysis, improve the working mechanism, ruling over a network, but in the end, to prevent mass appeal disguised “circle”.(Dazhong Daily reporter He Yingying correspondent Liu Xiaochao)