3 news in one night!Li Xiaopeng official announcement, Wu Lei you were bombarded again, Vietnam said Chinese men’s football!

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World Cup qualifiers continued, in the face of Chinese football Japanese men’s soccer, the end result was no surprise, is full of disappointment, but also on hold, in the face of such strong rivals, Chinese football has already seen the huge gap in the field and less than 30% of the possession, want to take the next game is also good to be true.For such a focus of the game, after the game, Chinese men’s football coach Li Xiaopeng and others also accepted the interview, they also showed their attitude towards the defeat.Next, Chinese men’s football must also look forward, 3 news one night!Li Xiaopeng official announcement, Wu Lei you were bombarded again, Vietnam said Chinese men’s football!Li Xiaopeng of Chinese men’s football team speaks out, you are full of responsibility.Facing such a one-sided game, Li Xiaopeng, the coach of Chinese men’s national football Team, said frankly in an interview, “I take full responsibility for the loss. I’m very sorry. All the players tried their best.”For that, he at least accepted responsibility for the loss.Perhaps, this is also the reason why Li Xiaopeng can take over as the head coach of Chinese men’s football Team. After the other naturalized players were given up, li Xiaopeng had few flags left in his hands. In such a game with no ability to fight back, Li Xiaopeng was helpless enough.Li Xiaopeng’s domestic fans also bluntly said: “It really doesn’t matter, as long as the Chinese team does not lose too that what, the result has been very used to, temporary firefighting, there is nothing to blame, now the problem of football never in the football itself.Another fan said, “We will try to win against Vietnam so that the national team can have a more relaxed environment in 2022.The only two world trials left are good selection exercises!”For this game, the fans are used to the result.Li Xiaopeng and Wu Lei were bombed. You did your best.As the only player in the Chinese men’s national football team to play in the five major leagues, Wu Lei has always been expected by domestic fans, and he also had a brilliant performance in the preliminary matches of the World Cup.However, in the face of the Japanese men’s football team such a strong enemy, Wu Lei in the field or lost the former elegant demeanor, he almost had no achievements on the field, of course, this from the Chinese men’s football team only out of the foot twice in the data, has seen the Chinese men’s football team in the field performance.Lei lei such performance, fans also said: “a higher level in this duel, often can see that the real level, lei on the pitch is invisible, it also makes the team’s can’t see any hope of winning, all in a state of defense, lei didn’t create any foot opportunities.””To be honest, Wei shihao’s performance is much better than Wu Lei’s. At least he makes the goalkeeper of The Japanese men’s football team have a sense of presence,” another fan said.Wu Lei Vietnam put words national foot, you are whimsical.Next, The Chinese men’s football team will meet the Vietnamese men’s football team again, although the National football team has basically missed the World Cup, but their goal is still to win the Vietnamese men’s football team, before, The Chinese men’s football team has narrowly defeated Vietnam once, now, the Chinese men’s football team faces them, at least there is a certain psychological advantage.China men’s football team, however, Vietnam, they are also full of confidence in this match.The media also directly said that the pressure has come to the Chinese men’s football team, they are ready to give the National football team a heavy blow, they also believe that they have the strength to defeat the Chinese men’s football team.In the face of such a statement, The Chinese men’s football team must also exert 120% efforts to give the domestic fans a deland deli victory!