The owner of a Restaurant in Canada was forced to close after receiving a flood of threats over his donations to protesters

2022-04-23 0 By

Tammy Giuliani is the owner of Stella Luna Gelato Cafe in Ottawa, Canada.Her privacy was leaked after she donated to the Ottawa Freedom Caravan protest group.She was forced to close her family business after receiving a series of threats.Earlier, Giuliani donated 250 yuan to the Freedom Team through the crowdfunding website GiveSendGo, ACCORDING to US media.After her donations and private information were made public in a hacking attack on her website, Giuliani began receiving calls from people threatening violent vandalism in her restaurant.Giuliani told the Ottawa Citizen, a local newspaper: “We’ve had people who have made threatening calls saying they’re going to throw bricks through our restaurant Windows and come and grab us.”According to US media, Giuliani was so enthusiastic about supporting the caravan that she wrote in her GiveSendGo donation message: “I will now give you $250 to deliver food to truck drivers every day.Thank you for continuing to fight for Canadians in this country.”In the wake of the threats, however, Giuliani retracted her support in an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, saying the convoy had become “something she no longer supports.””When a group of people first decided to go around the country and spread a message of solidarity, it seemed like a beacon of hope for a small shop like ours,” she says.It is not surprising that small businesses are on the brink of survival.Many families are in danger of losing their livelihoods.We never dreamed of the events of the past few weeks.In retrospect, [the donation] was bad judgment, but does that give people the right to threaten our staff?The right to throw bricks through our Windows and threaten my family?”.The Justice Center for Constitutional Liberty, a non-partisan charity in Canada, has announced it will create a network of defense lawyers to help any Canadian truckers who peacefully protest the COVID-19 vaccination mandate, US media reported.”Anyone who may face arrest, forfeiture of property or criminal law issues related to the Ottawa Freedom Caravan protests can talk to their lawyer free of charge,” the centre wrote in a statement.The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that on February 17, local time, the Main organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” protest occupy the streets of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, Chris Barber and Tamara Lich and have been arrested by police.(Edit: LH)