I want to buy European shield cat, boudoir advised me to buy BMW, tens of thousands of electric cars not sweet?

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The thing is, I’ve always wanted to buy an electric car, but I think each has its own advantages, so I’ve been trying to decide whether I want an Eurocat or an Euler White cat.While I was still struggling, my best friend told me that she had bought a BMW 5 Series for 460,000 yuan.I heard of the time I am the whole person all meng, say good everybody together old head joy, you how did traitor.Later, my bestie also told me that men are like cars, so if this doesn’t work, change it.I heard that she was very reasonable, but I understand that she must have been brokenhearted, so she suddenly bought this BMW.My best friend told me, “This BMW 5 Series has a lot of space. If you have a quarrel and go back to your parents’ house, you can carry everything.Overtaking is also very comfortable, 2.0T power, as long as you are willing to gas, this car has power at any time.And on closed roads it can reach speeds of up to 230 miles an hour.If you are angry and bold, you can get home in an hour, or half an hour.”I listened to all helpless, shouldn’t you pay attention to safety?No matter how angry you are, you can’t risk your life.I thought for a moment and said, “But the seats of this BMW are not real leather, and I dislike the length of his car, 5.1 meters, too long, I am such a bad parking person, it is not good.And I heard the price is not good either.”My bestie patted me and said: “Although the seat is not leather, but also very comfortable to sit up ah, not bad, I feel sitting up more comfortable than Mercedes 5E.What is the cost performance, suitable for their own cost performance is high, others say so much, not suitable for you, where to say the cost performance?The car is 5.1 meters long, and I didn’t feel it when I drove. When I came to park today, I found it, but I didn’t care. I just got off and asked if someone could help me.”I hesitated for a while and said: “Not ah, we were not good together laotoule it?How could you have changed?BMW BMW, it sounds like I’m old fashioned, you look at that European shielded cat and the white cat is very cute, isn’t it?And an all-electric one works for me in the city.”My bestie ate a mouthful of cake and looked at me and said, “Why are you still like this? The Times are progressing, and the appearance and performance of the car are improving.I think I bought the BMW 5 series 525Li this car, is a sports version, the appearance of what are more foreign than the original, parked in your door, where look out of old age.And inside the function configuration is very good, very rich, especially high-tech driving function, full of sense of science and technology.And the salesman also told me that the chassis is very strong, and the filter is very good.Oh, and she told me about the blast tires, and when the car starts, it basically makes some noise.I did for a few days.”I listened to all of a sudden opened interest: “that you say again, sales still cheat you what?”Bestie smiled and said, “What do you say?How can it be a lie? I think it’s a good car right now. It’s not a lie.I also read a lot of people’s evaluation before buying, I heard that the fuel consumption is 9.5 km, I have been high for a few days, it is about the same.”I suddenly think: “that you told me the day before yesterday drunk, where sleep?”Bestie said: “yeah, yeah, I just want to tell you this.I slept in the car all night.The space is really big.I put the front seat down and went straight to sleep, and then I went to sleep and crossed my legs and thought about life in the back seat, and then I fell asleep again.This space is really amazing.You really have to think about it.”I laughed and said my bestie really wants to sell now haha.And then I got a little late, so I broke up with my bestie.I went to pick up my kid. She’s on her night out.